Twitch will ban users for ‘gross misconduct’ that occurs outside of its site

An anonymous reader quotes a Reuters report: Twitch live streaming service ban users for offenses such as membership in a hate group or credible threats of mass violence that occur entirely outside the site, in a new approach to platform moderation, the company said on Wednesday. The Amazon-owned platform, which is popular among video gamers, said under its new rules it would take enforcement action against offline violations that posed a “substantial safety risk” to its community. .

He said that examples of this “serious misconduct” include terrorist activities, sexual exploitation of children, violent extremism, credible threats of mass violence, committing or acting deliberately complicit in sexual assault and threat from Twitch or its staff. “Taking action against faults that occur entirely outside of our services is a new approach for Twitch and the industry in general, but we believe – and we hear from you – that getting it right is essential,” the company said in a Post blog. The company said users would be able to report such behavior, but it could also proactively investigate cases, for example if there is a verified news report that a user has been arrested. Twitch has said it will rely more on law enforcement in “off-duty” cases and has partnered with an investigative law firm to support its internal team. He declined to name the company. The new standards will apply even if the target of the offline behavior is not a Twitch user or if the offender was not a user when he committed the acts. Authors would also be banned from registering a Twitch account, he said.

Twitch said it will only take action when there is evidence, such as screenshots, off-Twitch behavior videos or police records, verified by its internal team or by third-party investigators. Users who submit a large number of frivolous reports will face a suspension. The company said that in instances where the behavior had occurred in the distant past, users had undergone rehabilitation, such as time spent in a correctional facility, and no longer presented a danger to the community, it might not take action or reinstate the users on appeal. He said he will share updates with parties involved, but will not share public updates on actions taken under this policy.

Twitch will ban users for ‘gross misconduct’ that occurs outside of its site

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