Twitter bans Bollywood star for ‘abusive behaviour’

Along AFP 23 minutes ago

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From Mumbai, India-Bollywood actress Kangana Larnout’s Twitter account was “permanently suspended” on Tuesday for violating its hatred and abuse policy, social media giants said.

Lanote, an award-winning star of the 2014 “Queen” and the 2015 “Tanweds Manu Returns,” describes her candid social media presence and frequent spats with fellow actors and filmmakers. It’s controversial.

“It’s clear that we’ll take strong enforcement measures against actions that could lead to harm offline,” a Twitter spokeswoman told AFP in an email.

“The referenced account has been permanently suspended due to repeated violations of Twitter’s rules, especially our malicious behavior policy and abusive behavior policy.”

Ranot’s latest tweet, a vocal supporter of Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, calls his opponent Mama Tabanerjee a “monster” and tells him to “Super Gundai” in the fight against her. I urged him to become.

Bharatiya Janata Party, the ruling party of Modi, recently suffered a beating in an election by Banerjee in West Bengal.

In response to the account suspension on Instagram, 34-year-old Ranaut wrote:

In February, Ranaut attacked pop superstar Rihanna by tweeting about a large-scale protest by Indian farmers, calling the singer a “fool” and the farmers a “terrorist” and opposed the new farming law.

Twitter bans Bollywood star for ‘abusive behaviour’ Source link Twitter bans Bollywood star for ‘abusive behaviour’

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