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Two more ANC leaders were killed in the Nelson Mandela Bay region

Two ANC leaders have been killed in Eastern Cape.

Tebogo Letsie, City Press

  • Oscar Mbuyane, the prime minister of Eastern Cape, said Nelson Mandela Bay would be turned into a gangster city.
  • This came after Andile Andries, a Ward 43 ANC councilor and Lubabalo Keso REC member, was killed on Monday.
  • Assailants sitting in a Quantum minibus shot down the two near Andries’ home during a car shooting.

Andile Andries, a 43-member councilor for the ANC’s Nelson Mandela Bay Ward and a member of the party’s regional executive committee and unit secretary, Lubabalo Keso, was shot dead in front of Andries ’home in KwaNobuhle, Kariega, on Monday.

Uncle Andries and secretary of the SA National Taxi Council (Santaco) in Eastern Cape, Mthuthuzeli Madwara, said the family was still in disbelief and currently had no say.

East Cape police confirmed the couple was shot dead around noon on Monday. Police said a hunt was launched after the alleged killers of Andries (45) and Keso (41).

It is not known whether Andries’ murder is linked to the taxi war in the Eastern Cape or to the ANC ahead of the fiercely disputed upcoming provincial election conference.

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In addition to politics, Andries was the Deputy Secretary General of the Uncedo Taxi Association and President of SANTACO in the Nelson Mandela Bay region.

Eastern Cape SANTACO President Bishop Zola Yolelo said the council was shocked by the news.

However, he said the details of the incident are still sketchy.

“We’re still trying to gather details about the incident. We’re not sure it’s taxi-related or anything to do with the ANC. We’ll be able to comment on further details when we’re complete,” Yolelo said.

Police spokesman Brigadier General Kinana Thembinkosi said the couple came out of Andries’ house at the time of the shooting.

Kinana said: “They further claim that as they approached their vehicle, a Quantum minibus drove towards them and began firing several shots, killing the scene. The Quantum vehicle ran after the incident. Number of suspects in the driving – Quantum is currently being hired not known.”

He added that the circumstances of the case are currently being investigated.

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“Murder cases have been registered and are not currently under arrest,” Kinana added.

SAPS will ask anyone who has information that could result in the arrest of the suspect (s) to contact the nearest police station or call the 08600 10111 Criminal Stop Station.

Oscar Mabuyane, the prime minister of Eastern Cape and an ANC provincial representative, said the Nelson Mandela Bay region was being turned into a gangster city and called on police to help get rid of the “bad elements” in the party’s renewal program.

Mabuyane, on behalf of the ANC, expressed his sincere condolences to the families of Andries and Keso.


Andile Andries

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“Unfortunately, the news is very sad, this problem, the killings are worried about us in the province. We have seen people in the last few weeks turn the Nelson Mandela region into a gangster city, especially in the north. Areas and black settlements,” Mabuyane said.

Mabuyane said some make it their profession to kill people in Nelson Mandela Bay.

“This is happening a few months after the assassination and attempted murder of ANC members in that region. We condemn these attacks as strongly as possible, this should not happen in a free and democratic country governed by the rule of law,” Mabuyane said. .

District 20 councilor Zwelandile Booit was shot dead while driving on Tshawuka Street in Kwazakhele on 13 February.

Mazwi Mini was mayoral coordinator and former councilor that same weekend he survived a jaw ball.

Mabuyane asked the public to help police locate the suspects in the murder of Andries and Keso.

“We all have to spend sleepless nights thinking about how to remove these bad elements from Nelson Mandela Bay. We can’t coexist with criminals. We need to find the truths and facts about these incidents,” Mabuyane added.

Describing the killing of the couple, Mabuyane said it was a clear assassination.

“It’s a clear assassination and anything else [motivated] for them, it’s a well-orchestrated hit motivated by bad trends. Is it coming [from] we need to work together within the ANC or elsewhere to end this. As an organization, we cannot protect criminals, ”Mabuyane added.

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Two more ANC leaders were killed in the Nelson Mandela Bay region

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