U.S. Doctors Urge Test for Monkey Disease, CDC Says Threat in Public Land – SABC News

U.S. health officials on Friday urged doctors to test for animal disease if they suspect it, saying it could spread to local levels but that public health risks remain low.

So far, there have been 21 cases in at least 11 states.

Affected patients are segregated to help prevent the spread of the virus, US Center for Control and Prevention (CDC) officials told reporters at a conference call.

The CDC says it is aware that 700 cases of monkeys are reported worldwide outside of Africa, where the disease is contagious.

No deaths have been reported so far.

The company is working with experts around the world to learn more about how this outbreak began and how it has now spread to the United States and beyond.

In a detailed description of the 17 cases published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, most patients were identified as having sex with men.

In many cases, monkeypox originated in the genital area, which can lead some doctors to diagnose it as a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes or syphilis.

Health officials believe it can transmit to the community, so they want doctors to test patients if they have anything to suspect.

The CDC emphasizes that monkey pox is transmitted through close contact with an infected person with monkey pox.

“Anyone can get monkeys, we look closely at animal diseases that can spread in any person, including those who do not describe themselves as sexually active men,” Jennifer McQuiston, vice-president of the CDC of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and. Pathology, briefly.

So far, the United States has tested 120 cases of monkey pox.

Officials say the government has the authority to conduct 1000 tests per day.

Currently, all US patients are recovering or recovering.

Those who are still in a coma are asked to stay home until they are fully recovered, the CDC said.

The patient is considered to have recovered after all the lesions have healed, the skin has fallen off and the healthy skin has appeared.

McQuiston said that a study of the genetic makeup of the US bacterial sample found that in many cases it appeared to be a different species distributed in Europe.

However, US scientists identified two different types of genetic pox genes among the US samples.

The two have been sharing their ancestral form in Nigeria since 2017.

McQuiston said it is possible that some types of virus are spreading under the radar in the United States, albeit for a limited time.

U.S. officials say the government has several vaccines within Strategic National Stockpile, and the government is providing those who have serious contact with those infected to prevent the spread of the virus.

The United States has provided about 1,200 vaccines and 100 vaccines.

U.S. Doctors Urge Test for Monkey Disease, CDC Says Threat in Public Land – SABC News

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