UFO Whistleblowers Are Exempted Under New Amendments

Howard Altman writes via the drive: in an effort to Protecting people with information about unidentified aerial phenomena To increase the flow of (UAP) and reports on it, Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-Wisc) introduction (PDF) Amendments to the Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023. “These amendments would establish procedures within the government to report UAPs and provide whistleblower-like protections,” Gallagher spokeswoman Jordan Dunn told Warzone on Thursday morning. For a variety of reasons, US military and government contractors have traditionally been reluctant to provide information about these events, regardless of plausibility. In addition, there have been long-standing claims that governments and defense contractors can hide previous UFO-related programs and evidence. This allows those with information to come forward without retaliation. Some have even hypothesized that such statements in Gallagher’s amendment could lead to “UFO disclosures.”

In essence, those who have information about UAPs (better known as UFOs), regardless of prior written or oral nondisclosure agreements, “which could be construed as legal restrictions on the reporting of witnesses of unidentified aerial phenomena” If they come forward, they won’t be violating federal confidential information laws. The amendment also states that the head of the new Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), which is tasked with investigating UAPs on behalf of the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence, states that “all UAPs and events related to government or government contractor activities or programs related to UAPs. The reporting system should be administered by “designated, widely known, readily accessible and appropriately approved Department of Defense and intelligence community personnel or contractors” as part of the AOIMSG, a much more intensified and more deeply mandated effort to replace the Unidentified Aviation Phenomenon. .Task Force.

All information is first “to prevent unauthorized disclosure of or damage to properly classified military and information systems, programs and related activities, including special access and compartmentalized access programs of all categories and levels, present, past and future,” will be judged. However, federal agencies and contractors working with the government are prohibited from taking any action, including suspending security clearances for those reporting UAP incidents and information. And those subject to retaliation “may bring civil action in the United States Court of Federal Claims for all appropriate remedies, including injunctive relief, remedies, and punitive damages against the government or other employer who have taken the action.” fix status.

UFO Whistleblowers Are Exempted Under New Amendments

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