UK, Ireland and UNICEF support Uganda school reopening

As Ugandan schools are preparing for a long-term reopening, the UK and Ireland have partnered with UNICEF to support two major activities aimed at supporting safe and sustainable reopening. .. The focus is on school-based monitoring for early detection, reporting, and management of new COVID-19 cases in schools, while the secondary focus is on mental health to assist teachers and children in readjustment. It is in psychosocial (MHPSS) welfare training. These are important activities that can have a lasting impact on the system, keeping it open and allowing it to continue to educate children in the country.

The UK has donated £ 450,000 (UGX2,153,403,038) to UNICEF for the initiative. In addition, Ireland has provided UNICEF with € 1.8 million (UGX7,200,521,083) for the entire Ugandan government’s school reopening strategy. Some of them are used for school-based surveillance and MHPSS in the Karamoha area. This initiative has been prioritized by the Government of Uganda under the School Reopening Strategy and will be jointly implemented by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Health in districts and schools across the country. The training is for all schools in the country.

At the beginning of the training, Kate Airey, High Commissioner for Uganda, UK, said: All Ugandans like to be relieved when the government announced that it would reopen school on January 10. Regaining lost land is not easy. Ensuring this is essential not only for children at the individual level, but also for ensuring the economic development of Uganda. I’m afraid that Ugandans will start to lag behind their local peers if the school doesn’t stay open without investment in human capital. Therefore, Uganda needs to create a system to keep schools open so that education can continue uninterrupted. “

Returning children to school and learning is a priority for all three partners, and this support has come at an important time to support the reconstruction of Uganda.

At the same event, Dr. Munir A. Safirdin, UNICEF’s national representative, said: You can help others, but only you can keep your school safe and have the quality education your children need and deserve. We recognize that there are many challenges and your job at the forefront of this effort is one of the most difficult. But if someone can do this, the teacher can. The future of children of generations, and the future of the country, is in your hands. “

Cormac Shine, temporary deputy ambassador for the Irish Embassy, ​​said: Ireland continues to work with its development partners to support education in Uganda, and the safe reopening of schools is a milestone in difficult years. “

With this initiative, up to 40,000 schools nationwide (both public and private) will effectively track and manage cases of COVID-19 and help students and teachers re-enter through district officials. Will demonstrate its abilities.

UNICEF has been working with governments and development partners for the past two years to continue learning and reopen safe schools. UNICEF’s support includes sharing global knowledge and best practices, providing self-study materials, and radio and television lessons for continued learning and parenting education.

Apart from national school-based surveillance training, UNICEF also provides selected schools with infection control and management supplies, including hand-washing materials and tents to safely reopen schools.

Since March 2020, the UK has provided distance learning wirelessly to an estimated 500,000 elementary and junior high school students, with plans to offer direct catch-up classes to 250,000 children in 2022.

Ireland has been a strong supporter of Uganda’s education sector for over 15 years and has been focused on investing in Karamoha scholarships for many years. Since June 2021, Ireland has chaired the Education Development Partners Group, with continued investment in elementary and junior high schools, vocational training and scholarships with various partners such as UNICEF, Enabel and Straight, throughout the pandemic. We have continued to support the sector. Talk foundation.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of UNICEF Uganda.

UK, Ireland and UNICEF support Uganda school reopening

Source link UK, Ireland and UNICEF support Uganda school reopening

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