UK schools have challenged “supporting” the Covid test and trace system.Coronavirus

school According to the school’s leaders’ union, it has “supported” the national Covid test and tracing system for over 100 hours since the beginning of the school year, despite the lack of additional funding and staff.

The National Association of Principals (NAHT), which represents 29,000 school leaders in the United Kingdom, is calling for the school to disclaim responsibility for testing and tracing for fear of a principal spill after the Covid crisis has passed.

School leaders are already under extreme pressure due to the pandemic and call every weekend and holiday to receive positive case notifications and notify close contacts who need to be quarantined. The union says it does.

According to a NAHT poll of 400 leaders, they spent an additional 44 hours on average. Test and trace This is about an extra 7 days since the beginning of the school year, while many have been logging for over 100 hours.

At the meeting on Tuesday, NAHT Secretary-General Paul Whiteman said: The government is spending billions With a national test and trace system. The money penny was not given to the school.

“In the first place, the school had all the contact information, so I admitted that it was a great place to track and notify students when there was a Covid case at school, but now. It’s been a year now, and no effort has been made to relieve school leaders of this burden or provide additional staff or resources to do so. “

Schools in high-incidence areas have been hit hardest, according to Whiteman, because many staff members called their families on Christmas and were infected with close contact with little training or guidance. He confessed the bad news that he had to self-isolate.

“We can’t underestimate the extra burden this puts on school leaders,” Whiteman said. “When trying to develop the next generation of school leaders at today’s conference, the biggest barriers and concerns we hear from aspiring principals are the level of pressure and workload they see in their role.

“After the crisis is over, we already anticipate an escape by the principal. One of the concrete things we can do now to help the government is to remove the burden of running tests and traces at school and lead Is to give free time to. “

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said: “The principal and all school staff went beyond the pandemic process to make sure the school environment was as safe as possible. We are very grateful for all their work. ..

“We provided the school with extensive guidance on how to manage the contact tracing process, including keeping students in small bubbles to minimize the risk of infection and facilitate tracking. Our telephone line is available throughout the pandemic, allowing trained staff to answer questions and escalate to Public Health England if needed. “

UK schools have challenged “supporting” the Covid test and trace system.Coronavirus

Source link UK schools have challenged “supporting” the Covid test and trace system.Coronavirus

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