UK students do not need vaccine status proof | Coronavirus

There are no plans to bring a vaccination passport for college students. England, The Ministry of Education said, as the line continues on their use.

In this week’s interview, ministers, including Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, were scheduled to return to campus in September and did not rule out their use.

Rab said students would receive “advance warnings” If you need themHowever, the Ministry of Education (DfE) said on Saturday that it did not plan to prove the status of the vaccine in order to attend lectures or stay in dormitories.

A DfE spokesperson said:

“The government currently has no plans to require the use of the NHS Covid Pass for access to learning, but universities and FEs. [further education] Universities are encouraged to promote vaccine delivery and should continue to carry out risk assessments for specific situations. “

Currently, the first dose of the vaccine is available to all people over the age of 18 in the UK, and people within the first three months of the age of 18 can now be vaccinated.

By the end of September, the government plans to provide both jabs for all adults. From that day on, the minister said people needed to prove their full vaccination status in order to go to British nightclubs and other crowded events and venues.

Liberal Democratic Party leader Sir Ed Davey states that using a domestic vaccine passport is “infeasible.”

He called for Congress to be recalled from summer vacation after changes were made to the NHS Covid-19 app. This means that it can be used to prove the status of people’s vaccines in the UK.

He told Times Radio on Saturday: Other political parties share our view that this is a real attack on people’s freedoms, especially those that will hurt businesses and young people – it is infeasible, expensive and split. It is a target.

“That’s why the government hasn’t done that before. I’ve heard that stealth has changed the rules so that the NHS app can be used as a Covid ID card throughout the venue during breaks when Congress can’t discuss it. . “

In Scotland, the current paper version is Replaced by digital Covid certificate For overseas travel.

Damian Collins, a former chairman of the Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Selection Committee, said unvaccinated people cannot expect the same treatment as vaccinated people.

“We don’t force anyone in this country to vaccinate, it depends on their personal choice,” he told Times Radio. “But at the same time, it may be unreasonable to expect a person who decides not to be vaccinated to be treated the same as a person who has been vaccinated twice.”

While the number of cases is declining across the UK,pingdemicAfter being told to do so by the NHS Covid-19 app or the NHS Test and Trace, thousands of people have to self-isolate, causing widespread confusion.

Ministers last week, the app Need to “fine-tune” To reduce the number of people quarantined at home.

Government health adviser Professor Robert West told BBC Radio 4’s Today program on Saturday morning that people should avoid being tested so that they don’t have to self-isolate following positive results. He said he could.

He may explain the gap between the fallen case and an Office for National Statistics (ONS) investigation that said one in 65 people in a private UK home was infected with the virus in the week leading up to July 24. He said he couldn’t.

“One of the concerns is that people may not come forward as they did for testing,” he said. “One of the reasons may be that, in a sense, a message from the government gave people a little green light to say,” It’s not too bad to get infected. “

“”[But] Taking the test requires self-quarantine, at least for now, which can be very confusing. I think that may be a factor. “

UK students do not need vaccine status proof | Coronavirus

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