Ukraine affairs part of broader US agenda: SACP – SABC News

The South African Communist Party (SACP) says Ukraine’s issue is part of a broader United States (US) agenda aimed at China.

Russian troops have fired rockets at several Ukrainian cities and landed troops on the south coast of the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized what he called a special military operation in eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorized a military operation in eastern Ukraine

SACP Secretary-General Blade Nzimande declares: “As a SACP, we feel we need to move on to a greater understanding of this. For us, as far as we are concerned, this whole Ukraine thing is part of a broader American agenda that ultimately, in fact, is focused on China that Russia is just by the way. Why would the United States risk war in Europe, which will not affect them but will actually go on to influence Europe? In another, by the way, the economic importance of the United States Europe can claim to be part of the competition with China.

But what is the source of this thing? The source of this thing is that which the United States does; there was an agreement in the Soviet Union in the last days of the late 1980s that NATO, that is the security structure of the United States and its allies, would not move any further than it was in Germany at that moment.

Nzimande adds that Russia has inherited all the agreements made by the Soviet Union that the United States has broken with its allies. That is why Russia is justified in worrying about this.

“What Russia is saying is that you are threatening our own security, we will not allow that. But our concern is that it is actually more of the United States that is looking for this war than Russia is looking for this war. So we think that this is part of a very dangerous agenda of the United States to try to suppress its influence in the world, which in fact is diminishing.

Dr Blade Nzimande spoke on SAFM:

Ukraine affairs part of broader US agenda: SACP – SABC News

Source link Ukraine affairs part of broader US agenda: SACP – SABC News

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