Ukraine and Russia: What You Need to Know Right Now

  • Russia and a “rock-solid” friendship with China.
  • Ukrainian civilians want a time window to evacuate.
  • But residents of Irpin were caught in shelling.

Russia’s military will hold fire and open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities, the defense ministry said, after fighting stopped the weekend’s evacuation efforts and civilian casualties from Russia’s invasion increased.

LIVE | Russia declares ceasefire in Kiev and three other cities to allow evacuation

* Russian promise of corridors

Russian military will put out the fire and open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kiev, at 10:00 Moscow time (07:00 GMT), Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

* Australia is pushing China

China must act on its declarations to promote world peace and endorse efforts to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Australian Prime Minister said, warning that the world was in danger of being transformed by an “arc of autocracy”.

* China is a ‘rock solid’ friend

China’s Red Cross will provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine “as soon as possible,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said as he hailed China’s friendship with Russia as “rock solid.”

* Japan in oil negotiations

Japan, which counts Russia as its fifth-largest supplier of crude oil, is in talks with the United States and European countries about a possible ban on Russian oil imports, Kyodo News reported.

* Escaping conflict, trapped in shelling

Ukrainians fleeing the city of Irpin just outside Kiev were caught in shelling by Russian forces and forced to dive into cover, Reuters witnesses said.

People gather to hold anti-war protests in St. Petersburg, Russia.

* ‘No war’ protests in Russia

The police detained more than 4,600 people by protests throughout Russia against President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, according to an independent protest monitoring group.

* Ruble problems

The Russian ruble tumbled to a new record low in thin offshore trading with local markets closed for trading until at least Wednesday.

* Sports reprimand

Putin and a Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg have been removed from all positions in the International Judo Federation, the sport’s governing body said, in the latest sporting reprimand following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Pope Francis said:

In Ukraine, rivers of blood and tears flow.

“This is not just a military operation, but a war that leads to death, destruction and misery,” Pope Francis added, dismissing the term “military operation” that Russia has used to describe its actions.

“My heart is being torn apart,” said Olha Kucher, director of the Zaporizhzhia Central Christian Orphanage, after evacuating more than 200 children from the southwestern city.

“I simply lack words. And I feel so sorry for these children. They are so young.”

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Ukraine and Russia: What You Need to Know Right Now

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