Unathi on the subject of shaking urine in the Stellies

South Africa advertiser Unathi Nkayi angry video of white Stellenbosh University student pulling out of a black student book – which started on May 16th.


Video of white Stellenbosch university student produces a black student go viral on social media. In this video, the student is asked why he urinates on another student’s paper and says “this is what we do to black students.” In other words, the social media is calling the incident “racism”. Look…

Unath Nkayi denounced the incident as “corporate racism”. He went on to say that the student was suspended but should be expelled. The first Idols SA The judge went on to say that he thinks education is how “the past has hurt black people” and now it is being done in the industry. Look…

“INSTITITUTIONALISED RACISM – UNIVERSITY of STELLENBOSCH – a student who urinates on a first-year student’s bed, books and laptops say it is how they catch black students,” he wrote.

“Don’t stop this student. He needs to be expelled, charged with a crime and banned from all schools. The teaching is how in the past we were treated like blacks and now their descendants are doing it in the industry. PS What is its name? @stellenboschuni, “he continued.

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What’s new with a STELLENBOSCH student?

The student apologized for the inconvenience and was suspended from the university.

“I want to apologize in general for my behavior, I know what I did wrong, I’m sorry,” he said.

Mkuseli Kaduka, the father of Babalo Ndwayana, a student whose property was confiscated, revealed that it will not charge the suspect.

“My son is now more sympathetic toward the young man, reasoning that prolonged court appearances will cause him to lose his focus on his studies. I am considering the option of placing myself in his name, ”Kaduka said Argus weekend.

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Unathi on the subject of shaking urine in the Stellies

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