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The Democratic Alliance of Limpopo (DA) says the police station has become a weak target for criminals.

The parties responded to this. Jane Furse stop a robbery at the police station Monday night when a robber suspect was shot and killed.

The suspect broke into the police station, disarmed the police and stole a gun. He was apparently shot by the police support team.

DA spokesperson for community safety Katlego Suzan Phala said police departments in rural areas lack the resources and lack the skills.

“This is not an isolated incident. In less than five months, 20 armed criminals confiscated firearms and ammunition from the Malamulele police station and robbed local businesses of cash. DA repeats our request. Police departments are often under-resourced and powerless. Poorly trained police officers and low criminal intelligence cannot detect crime before it happens.”

Gunshots are a normal occurrence

Meanwhile, members of the community who live next to the Jane Firth police station are shocked by the unsuccessful robbery.

Some residents say it’s normal to hear gunshots as the area has a lot of bars and robberies.

“I heard gunshots. It started at the Chinese restaurant and moved to the police station. We are used to hearing these sounds when they rob a tavern and nearby shops.”

Limpopo Police has since said that the Independent Police Investigation Bureau is investigating the case.

Malamule Police Station Robbery

In November of last year, heavily armed men raided a local police station and held officers hostage. malamule.

The group took 14 rifles, shotguns and handguns and used them to rob three businesses in the area.

More details in the report below:

– Additional report by Mahlatse Phaladi

Underresourced rural police department: Limpopo DA – SABC News

Source link Underresourced rural police department: Limpopo DA – SABC News

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