University of Leicester threatens to strip professor title over social media thorns | University

The University of Leicester threatened to strip the title of the 81-year-old emeritus professor after posting comments on social media criticizing institutions that are currently facing a strike vote over redundancy.

Peter Armstrong, who accepted the offer of honorary status when he retired from college in 2010, told his followers: twitter Management threatened to revoke the honorary title because his comments violated the university’s “dignity at work” policy.

Armstrong, a leader in the field of key accounting, is one of several scholars who publicly criticize the development of the University of Leicester, with staff of up to 145 redundancy across five faculties and three professional service units. We are voting for strikes on sexual plans. ..

Criticism has focused not only on how redundancy was dealt with, but also on broader concerns about the university’s financial governance and restructuring and the direction in which the university is operating.The university has also been accused of trying “Intimidation and Silence Staff” A person who raises a voice.

Universities and college unions voting for Leicester members about industrial activities denied management had financial reasons for planned redundancy and therefore refused to share financial data with the union. Is called.

However, according to UCU 2019-20 financial statements Show that the university’s finances are vulnerable. Leicester is one of the few universities that has access to the Bank of England. Covid’s Corporate Finance Facility, Borrow £ 60m.

Armstrong, who modified his profile page to read “former emeritus professor,” posted highly critical and often irreverent comments on Twitter. Regarding university governance, he posted: Hide their mistakes. “

In another follow-up to a previous tweet, he said: @uniofleicester “You need to slap your neck with socks full of diarrhea,” said the manager, who was bullying a young scholar who was clearly suffering. We are confident that our readers can suggest appropriate alternatives. “

Armstrong has since posted an excerpt from a letter from university management. [your] Social media activities will continue in the same way I have outlined, the university recommends that the council remove the title of emeritus professor given to you by the council.

“If approved, the privileges associated with the title, such as accessing the library and providing an IT account, will no longer be supported.” According to the tweet, the letter was signed by Professor Henrietta O’Connor, Vice President of Leicester. ..

When asked about Armstrong, the University of Leicester refused to comment on individual cases, but said in a statement: Policy of dignity and respect.

“We are committed to building a comprehensive learning, working and research environment that is characterized by respect and dignity and is free of harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination. We report unacceptable behavior. Take it seriously, investigate the concerns raised, and take action when necessary. “

Regarding management redundancy and criticism, a spokeswoman said: “The proposed changes we are consulting are not driven by the need for financial savings, but are focused on the university’s long-term strategy.

“Our decision to join the Bank of England’s Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF) is a one-year precautionary measure to significantly improve the student experience and invest in projects that contribute to the university’s pioneering work. It was space research.

“The pre-change involvement of staff and unions has been underpinned by the key change principles of the university, which were developed and agreed in consultation with the three unions approved in 2018.”

Dr. Sarah Seaton, Chair of Leicester UCU, said: “The actions of our leaders over the past few months and years have betrayed the poverty of their vision and the abandonment of moral responsibility. Our university celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, but first. Just like in the next 100 years, we need new leadership to prosper in the next 100 years. “

University of Leicester threatens to strip professor title over social media thorns | University

Source link University of Leicester threatens to strip professor title over social media thorns | University

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