US parents sue Apple say their son suffered ‘permanent hearing loss’ from Amber Alert in Airpods

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  • A couple suing Apple for more than $ 75,000 (about R1.2 million) in compensation say their son’s Airpods hurt him.
  • The parents said their 12-year-old son was using his Airpods when an Amber Alert blared loudly.
  • The trial says the incident damaged the boy’s right eardrum and that he needed a hearing aid.
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A couple in Texas in the US are suing Apple for an allegation that their son suffered “permanent hearing loss” while using his Airpods.

Carlos Gordoa and Ariani Reyes of San Antonio, Texas, are claiming over $ 75,000 (about R1.2 million) in compensation, claiming that their 12-year-old son suffered hearing loss when an Amber Alert went off while using his Airpods.

They said the incident happened in May 2020, when their son, identified as BG in the lawsuit, watched Netflix with its Airpods, which had been purchased new six months earlier.

“BG was watching Netflix on his iPhone connected to AirPods at low volume when an Amber Alert suddenly went off and without warning at a volume that tore BG’s eardrum apart, damaged his cochlear and caused significant damage to BG’s hearing,” the lawsuit said.

The trial said the child had experienced “bouts of dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea” since the incident as well as mental anguish and emotional trauma. It said he would use a hearing aid for the rest of his life.

“As a 12-year-old, BG suffered sudden and permanent hearing loss in his right ear,” the case read. “BG has lost its ability to live a normal life and he will continue to live a deteriorating life into the future, including a reduced earning capacity.”

The lawsuit also said the family would have medical bills in the foreseeable future that, according to the case, were “a result of the defective AirPods.” The suit claims that the devices are defective in design or lack adequate warnings for hazards during use.

“Had Apple designed AirPods to self-adjust to safe levels or given alerts about volume increases in the event of alarms, this boy would be living a normal life,” attorney Tej Paranjpe, one of the attorneys representing the family, said in a news release.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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US parents sue Apple say their son suffered ‘permanent hearing loss’ from Amber Alert in Airpods

Source link US parents sue Apple say their son suffered ‘permanent hearing loss’ from Amber Alert in Airpods

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