US terror and threats against China are unwise strategy to end Russia-Ukraine conflict – SABC News

Global attention to the Russia-Ukraine conflict has turned sharply on China, the world’s second-largest economy as well as complexities and rapidly changing geopolitical turmoil.

The US, the world’s largest economy, is convinced that the close ties between Beijing and Moscow are a source of frustration because of the unusual Western economic restrictions leading to the overthrow of President Vladimir Putin. Just weeks before the start of the Ukraine war Russia and China announced the promotion of strategic partnership “unlimited” – a headache for the West that sparked Sino-US relations and the lowest in decades.

The most infamous diplomatic ring in the war of attrition against Russia is the fact that Ukraine is not a NATO official, it is only a partner with a trap of special supervision. This means that the US and NATO have not been able to call Article 5 of the NATO Charter, which refers to the idea that aggression is a war against all people.

However, Washington has used troops and weapons to rapidly push NATO borders into Eastern Europe and the Baltic States. President Joe Biden and U.S. lawmakers believe the move, seen in some quarters as “around Russia”, could prevent President Putin from attacking another neighboring country once in Kiev, according to the president. Ukrainian soil Volodymyr Zelensky repeatedly stated.

Although the turmoil of Shuttle Diplomacy has eased in recent weeks, two talks between Kiev and Moscow continue to take place despite some time.

There can be no doubt that such talks between Russia and Ukraine are worthwhile. They have produced good results such as agreement and the identification of safe routes for Ukrainians trapped under constant bombardment in its fourth week.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says 3 million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries such as Romania, Moldova and Poland, Moscow’s most vocal critic of the region and a NATO member who also welcomes thousands US military and weapons. Poland also hosts a large number of refugees.

The mass protests in Moscow were multifaceted and brutal. It includes protecting oligarchs associated with – real or perceived – with President Putin, whose economy and western capital are at stake. One of the most notable figures in the US crackdown was Roman Abramovich, the billionaire who owns the English Premier League club Chelsea in London. The Westminster Palace is very much in favor of Abramovich, and there are complaints that Brussels could follow suit.

Despite each day of Russia-Ukraine conflict passes thousands of men, women and children lose their lives. There have been casualties on both sides, although the numbers will be well known later in the day.

Widespread speculation in Russia’s political arena is eager to move forward with what Moscow refers to as a “military operation” in Ukraine.

Ukrainians, on the other hand, have always been favored by support groups and arms suppliers from the US and the European Union.

Russia’s argument of pro-NATO Ukraine is that it poses a serious threat to its national security, a statement publicly ridiculed by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg et al. Until, of course, Moscow began to wage a major war. But now the threat of nuclear war is growing, so that Russia has more of its weapons, but also Western powers – like the UK, France and the US. It is a dark world, clearly crying out for global leadership and an impossible peace.

But instead of telling the truth and telling the truth about it, the US wants to undermine China to fall on Western sanctions against Moscow. Washington’s political agenda towards China is to coerce, threaten and intimidate.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently met with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Rome to discuss, in principle, Washington’s concerns in Beijing and Beijing linking Russia to the ongoing war. face in Ukraine. Yang was China’s first ambassador to the US from 2001-2005 and served in the Politburo of the Communist Party of China.

US-China relations have been unpredictable since Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman became a politician who called for China’s global rise and national economic competition.

Following the recent Rome meeting, the White House issued a brief statement. The meeting was said to be tough but Sullivan raised “many issues”.

It is believed that among the issues raised is an unequivocal warning to China and the US that they will convene NATO and the international community to secede from Beijing if President Xi Jinping’s administration is established. not to violate the limit of the western hemisphere.

A senior US official was quoted as saying: “We are deeply concerned about the current state of relations between China and Russia. . ”

It is understood that the US music package informed China at the Rome meeting that it would have a negative impact on the marketing, development and commerce of new technologies as well as opening up China to economic constraints.

Just last week, US Secretary of State Gina Ralmondo issued a stern warning that Chinese companies could find themselves in violation of Russia law and could cut off American equipment and software they wanted to use. produce their products.

Meanwhile, China’s Xinhua news agency has reported that Yang’s envoy has announced his country’s commitment to promoting dialogue to bring peace and stability to Russia and Ukraine.

Yang’s representative was quoted as saying: “China opposes any aggression and any act that spreads false information and undermines and undermines China’s position.”

Like China, Russia has denied Washington’s statement that it wants China’s support for its military operations in Ukraine.

The best idea Washington can, or should do, is to do with Beijing honestly and honestly with a respectful identity.

Threats of potential aggression are not recommended, especially as a strategy to end a deadly war that is losing daily life and every minute.

US terror and threats against China are unwise strategy to end Russia-Ukraine conflict – SABC News

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