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Vaal University of Technology closed after buildings caught fire during the protest

Vaal University of Technology in Vereeniging was closed until further notice on Thursday after some buildings in the institution were set on fire on Wednesday afternoon.

  • The demonstration at Vaal University of Technology ended with the burning of some buildings.
  • The protest was allegedly due to the funding of Nsfas benefits and student housing.
  • The university has since closed the university until further notice.

The Vaal University of Technology in Vereeniging (VUT) was shut down until further notice after some of the institution’s buildings were set on fire on Wednesday afternoon.

News24 arrived at the institution Thursday morning to block police and security officers at the gate.

Some students gathered outside the institution to inquire about their benefits, saying they had nothing to do with Wednesday’s events.

The protests are said to focus on the problem of NSFAS benefits and funding for student hostels.

The sophomore at the university said the protest began around 8pm.

A VUT staff member who wanted to remain anonymous told News24 that the students set fire to the toilets in the institute.

He said:

The protests began on Monday, but it wasn’t a big deal. The misfortune happened on Wednesday when students set fire to the bathrooms and security office at the entrance.

Staff and students were urged to go home due to the ongoing shutdown.

Some students were frustrated with the downtime as they had to submit assignments and write exams.

The management of the VUT condemned the damage to the infrastructure and called on the students to leave the university residence.

The university said staff should work from home until they are advised to return to the university when it is deemed safe.

“Students living in a university residence are instructed to leave their place of residence by 5 p.m. today. [9 June 2022]. Students or visitors will not be admitted to the university. ”

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Management added that criminal proceedings have been instituted for disrupting and damaging the infrastructure.

“An internal investigation has been launched and strict disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against the perpetrators. Criminal proceedings will be instituted against those found responsible for the damage to the university infrastructure.”

A member of the SRC told News24 that the problem with the university was between staff and students.

“The students I’m here with are affected by the services their host offers to the accommodation they’re staying in. I don’t understand why they haven’t been accredited yet.”

According to the SRC, nearly 400 students living in Vanderbijlpark have not had water, electricity or Wi-Fi in the past six months.

“There are people in the leadership who like to see the suffering of students, students are struggling and NSFAS is doing nothing.

“We don’t know what happened to the infrastructure, we just gathered here to inquire and the students told us to leave today. [Thursday],” He said.

According to the latest announcement of the National Student Movement, the issue of private accommodation has not been addressed.

“Students living in private accommodations have to deal with landlords who need rent, and the institution and SRC have yet to formally address this issue.”

It also calls on the institution to recognize it as a formal student organization.

– We can safely say that we have fulfilled all the conditions for the institution to recognize us as a new student movement.

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Vaal University of Technology closed after buildings caught fire during the protest

Source link Vaal University of Technology closed after buildings caught fire during the protest

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