Valtteri Bottas says he is not a friend of George Russell

Valtteri Bottas Revealed that there was no problem with him George Russell He isn’t really friends with him or any other driver after they clash on Sunday.

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Bottas and Russell collided at Emilia Romagna Grand Prix When the Williams driver tried to steal the ninth from Finn.

His overtaking was terribly wrong when he pulled with Mercedes, touched a damp spot, and immediately crashed into Botta.

Both drivers departed fast and their car was wrecked, but thankfully neither was injured in the incident.

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Russell I have since then Apologies to both Bottas, Mercedes and WilliamsIn the aftermath, Bottas said he felt he was more aggressive than the other drivers.

The reason is that Russell is lined up to replace Botta in next season’s Mercedes.

But Bottas claims that Russell is okay, and in fact he knows little about him.

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As ESPN quoted, he said: “I’ve never worked so closely with him, but apparently he’s been around for some time because he’s a reserve driver and has done some testing for the team.

“I know him a bit, but it wasn’t a problem. Obviously I wasn’t happy with how it ended, but I’m laid back so it’s okay. ..

“But I can’t say I’m friends with him. I can’t say I’m friends with most drivers or drivers.

“From my point of view, it’s okay, but it wasn’t ideal today because he could lose a lot of points to me, which was his mistake.”

As for Russell, he later said there was no problem between himself and his Finnish rivals.

Asked about his comment that Bottas defends him more aggressively, said 23: “There is no tension between Valtteri and me. Of course, I can accept my comments as you wish. I think it was pretty clear how it was intended.

“But maybe I was wrong. Maybe he’s just fighting for absolutely every position. Valtteri and I talk and clean the air. Hold a grudge or with a driver on the grid I’m not going to have a bad relationship. “

Valtteri Bottas says he is not a friend of George Russell

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