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VIEW Soweto outage: Phalatse promises to connect power outages to Eskom

  • Mpho Phalatse has promised to contact Eskom about the power outages in Soweto.
  • Phalatse received a memorandum from the residents to demand his intervention.
  • Some residents said they were willing to pay, but had no money.

Some Soweto residents are willing to pay for municipal services but have no money to do so, said Johannesburg City Mayor Mpho Phalatse.

He turned to the media after receiving a memorandum from angry residents who marched to his office in Braamfontein on Tuesday.

Residents complained of constant power outages.

They also claimed that they could not afford the reconnection fee of R,000 6,000 demanded by Eskom.

They demanded that Phalatse contact Eskom to end the power outages.

Residents of Soweto marched into the office of Mayor of the City of Joburg, Mpho Phalatse, to express their displeasure with the provision of services.

“Retirees are entitled to free basic services, including water and electricity. We will help those who do not know about it and do not have access to these free basic services,” Phalatse said.

“We work separately with Eskom. The relationship between Eskom and our electricity is independent. Our residents are asking us to work together. In the future, we will be in constant collaboration with Eskom to mediate between our residents and Eskom.

READING Protesting Soweto residents take service complaints to Mayor Mpho Phalatse’s office

“We had a two-day energy bill. The idea is to increase electricity production in the city to better serve our residents. If Eskom can’t solve the problem (Soweto power outages), we plan to take over Eskom. Supply areas “

Phalatse added:

There are many historical problems in the city (which we inherited). The biggest is the mountain of debt. I have heard from residents that they are willing to pay for services but have no way to pay.

“The city has a debt rehabilitation program. However, this does not apply to Eskom. It only applies to city-related debt. I think Eskom and the National Treasury need to come up with a plan,” Phalatse said.


“Our migration policy is under review. We will be sent out for public participation. We are a nine-party government. We need to find a consensus on the issue ourselves.

“We hope that the scientific community will join and help us. Once the process is complete, we will have to complete our project. Once approved, we will send it to our residents,” Phalatse added.

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VIEW Soweto outage: Phalatse promises to connect power outages to Eskom

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