Volkswagen Amarok Raptor’s work?

Amarok platform can handle upgrades

VW Amarok has a general sadness. Everyone knows that bakkie’s retirement date is measured in just a few months, not years.

As with any successful product, special edition variations begin to occur towards the end of the model’s life cycle. This is a partially proven product strategy, but it’s also a way to include some new technologies in older platforms.

Australia, South Africa’s twin light truck market, is not shy about offering Amarok a valuable retirement party.There is huge demand For Amarok with V6 of VW And a desire for an enhanced OEM double cab, Australians have spawned a joint venture between the development of Tom Walkinshaw and VW.

The result is the VW Amarok W580, with a Tom Walkinshaw technician and engineer finish design and suspension upgrades. But are there more possibilities?

VW’s Australian marketing executives acknowledge that the huge demand for Ranger Raptor-type light trucks cannot be ignored. But how is it best to meet that demand?

Although there is no specific product plan from VW for Amarok rolling 17 inch wheels with a large amount of off-road tires The market is certainly there. Especially if you look For sale of Ford Ranger Raptor.

The Amarok W580 rolls 20-inch wheels and features a road-biased tire and suspension setup. That said, its extremely powerful rudder frame undoubtedly allows Amarok’s platform to handle more extreme suspension configurations and tire choices to overcome jumps and shatter the most difficult terrain.

The Tom Walkinshaw staff will be the best people for the development of a Range Raptor VW comparable to Amarok.

There is a potential conflict between Ford and VW regarding the trajectory of product development, and the former may be responsible for the next generation of Amarok. But as part of the current German double cab bakkie production swing, the hardcore off-road version will be a great see-off.

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Volkswagen Amarok Raptor’s work?

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