Volkswagen gives Everest competitor Fortuner a thumbs down

Long-held speculation that Volkswagen is introducing a body-on-frame SUV based on the fundamentals of the Amarok has once again been dismissed due to today’s unveiling of the all-new Amarok.

In contrast to the Toyota Fortuner offshoot of the Hiluxthe Mitsubishi Pajero Sport of the triton and the Isuzu MU-X of the D-maxWolfsburg has confirmed it has no intentions of building a seven-seat SUV with the Ford Everest as a base.

The newly designed Ford Everest with the Volkswagen emblem will not exist.

In a similar announcement to Mazda’s confirmation two years ago that it will not use its partnership with Isuzu to create an SUV derived from the MU-XVolkswagen Commercial Vehicles Chief Marketing Officer Lars Krause said a second Volkswagen-badged model will be based on Dearborn’s updated T6.2 architecture first used by the ranger is unlikely to materialize in the foreseeable future.

“It’s always an idea to also build a robust SUV on the basis of the pick-up, but we think that the pick-up setup currently offers the best added value for our customers,” he was quoted as saying by Australian media following Amarok’s unveiling .

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“That means we also offer accessories such as a hardtop [canopy] – this will also be available from the start. So we’re delivering an added customer value and that’s why we’re focusing on pickup.”

Despite the popularity of Bakkie-based SUVs in South Africa and Australia, where the latter had previously been home to the Holden TrailBlazer based on the D-Max’s twin, the Holden Colorado, Volkswagen’s announcement means it’s not just Mazda, but Nissan also joins in providing body-on-frame SUV to key markets.

Not a Volkswagen SUV based on the Ford Everest
Ranger’s updated T6.2 platform forms the basis for the new Amarok.

Although it has been Approved for South Africa in 2020Nissan finally decided to pull the plug on that Navara underpins Terra sold out after initial allocation of 148 units earlier this year in record time.

The automaker later stated that it decided to focus on local production and export of the Navara rather than putting the emphasis on a second model in the form of the Terra.

Volkswagen gives Everest competitor Fortuner a thumbs down

Source link Volkswagen gives Everest competitor Fortuner a thumbs down

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