Vumacam Announces Massive Jo’burg Expansion Drive

Vumacam CEO Ricky Kroc

A week later announcing plans for aggressive expansion At Ekurhuleni in Gauteng’s East Rand, Vumacam announced an R60 million plan to strengthen Johannesburg’s reach and work with partners to combat the city’s growing scourge of crime.

The CCTV operator, which has deployed thousands of security poles across Gauteng, primarily in Johannesburg, said on Friday it launched a “SafeCity” initiative that includes deployment of 1,850 additional cameras across Jo’burg.

The expansion plan includes:

  • Fund to “light up”, install and maintain 1,850 new cameras throughout Johannesburg. Of these, 350 new facilities have been allocated to cover less protected areas such as Alexandra, Soweto and Diepsloot. The new cameras will also be deployed to protect “strategic and critical public infrastructure” and areas with high crime rates such as Braamfontein Spruit. “This area will be protected in partnership with City Parks,” Vumacam said.
  • Support for the Eyes and Ears Initiative (E2), a joint anti-crime initiative between the South African Police Agency (SAPS), Business Against Crime South Africa and the private security industry.
  • More access throughout the city, allowing Vumacam’s security partners to access the camera network outside of the standard operating area. “It is an important requirement that requires an investigation or urgent response.”

Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam, said in a statement: “As criminals become more sophisticated, greater coordination and efficiency in interventions becomes important. “While Vumacam and private security companies support SAPS on a daily basis, E2 takes a much more coordinated approach and is an important part of Vumacam’s mission to ensure a smarter and safer city.

The high-tech E2 “Convergence Center” was launched in Johannesburg last year to monitor criminal activity and incidents, and has deployed resources to investigate crime or arrest criminals.

The SafeCity model “can be easily adapted to major cities across the country,” said Croock. “The launch coincides with our expansion into Mogale City, Ekurhuleni and KwaZulu-Natal, with the support of the municipality, we hope to move to Tshwane and Cape Town.” — © 2022 NewsCentral Media

Vumacam Announces Massive Jo’burg Expansion Drive

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