Watch! Inside Natasha Thahane’s Housewarming Dinner

to see!internal Natasha Tahane’■ Supper to celebrate new construction. It’s always exciting to see our favorite celebrities make big milestones in their careers and personal lives. One of the actresses who enjoyed watching the winning boss woman move is Blood & Water actress Nata Shatahane. Actress Isono recently shared on social media that she bought a new home, and she hosted the first gathering.

Taking her to Instagram, the actress shared her housewarming dinner with her family and friends, and the event went beyond simple housewarming expectations. Tahane She threw a gorgeous intimate candlelight dinner for her close friends and family.

The dinner was decorated by the popular decorating company Nono Events, where they made a beautiful dinner table setting. The table was beautifully decorated with an arrangement of pink and white flowers, and the entire table was adorned with long sconces. Guests enjoyed some of the finest dishes served in the Hendrick’s Gin-sponsored Gold Dining Set with Ginbar.

Watch! Inside Natasha Thahane’s Housewarming Dinner Source link Watch! Inside Natasha Thahane’s Housewarming Dinner

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