“We are now at a stage where most of SA’s rail network is likely to be amortized.” – PRASA’s David Williams

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief Financial email, David Williams, Brenthurst Foundation In it, he unraveled the turmoil at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). In the report- “Why are there so many trucks on the roads and few trains on the tracks?”-Williams needs some things that once had to be taken to restore a safe and efficient rail system. I explained the procedure.Williams said BizNews Founder Alec Hogg talked about the crisis situation at PRASA and what he thinks the government should do to revive the problematic public authorities.

David Williams in his PRASA report

Greg Mills, director of the Brenthurst Foundation, drove to Cape Town. He told me when he returned.I watch the train all the time. [He] The train was driving Karoo, which runs for miles along the road. He said, “Why are there no trains? Why are there so many tracks on the road and not enough trains?”

Basically, I set out to answer that question.thatPerfect storm, now a clichééThe d phrase goes. There is a governance issue. There are corruption and policy issues. In other words, the policy issue is to split the passenger railroad from the freight railroad. Why did they do it? And the effect it had. Lack of security, lawlessness, theft of rail infrastructure, loss of market share.Everyone says, “Oh well theyRepair the train and the passengers will be back. “

Things people use to go to work, such as taxis and buses, will eventually replace trains, so it’s not that easy. At this time, suburban trains are not running or are rare in the country.Ors Decreased from the journey of millions of passengers 10 to 15 years ago. It’s a complete disaster.thats Equivalent to turning off if you areDouble check Eskom.For the rail transport sector, it’s■ As if load limits were always present.

About the problem behind PRASA

Why is there a public enterprise bureau? Eskom can definitely be allocated to energy. All rail and air routes, and all must be assigned to transportation. The reason for the Public Enterprise Bureau is not that there is a bureau.But in the rail sector, the problem – and this happened in the early 2000s – wasn’t the best intention, and probably [following] With advice from a luxurious and expensive consultant from the United Kingdom, they separated the passenger railroad from the freight railroad. Transnet Freight Rail has become an independent organization reporting to Transnet’s Minister of Public Enterprises. PRASA reports to the Minister of Transport.

Often they are using the same track, so collisions occur before they start. They are using the same equipment. It was a built integrated system and was split.Ors First problem.threeGovernance issues.I know from contact with some engineers – – Who is trying to fix whatmistaken – – There is little communication between the PRASA and the transnet. Another senior in the organization said everyone was afraid to do something (in Transnet, I think he’s talking, I think the same applies to PRASA). ..theyThe hunting down of corruption and everything caused the loss of two or three layers of experience.It was washed away with a cleanup of damage.

Managers sit in the office, don’t know what to do, are inexperienced, and can’t make decisions.You don’tMust be corrupt in order to be incapables It’s just a matter of how things are managed. To talk about Mr. Matthews; he comes from a struggling family. Good qualification. In a broad sense, it is well qualified. I don’t know what he knew or knew about railroads and passenger railroads.MeI’m not saying he’s not the person in the job, but they suspended him because he has dual citizenship with Britain.Apparently the function when he was in exile.

He acquired British citizenship, which was described as a security risk. You want to say, “Do you think we are stupid?” Just because you have two passportsIn South Africa, it poses a security risk for passenger railroads. What does this mean?So immediately you say, “WhatBehind this? TheyTrying to nail him for something else, but they canNS.Chattering classThey generally don’t travel by train, so they have a lot of interest in this.

thatNS Poor people traveling by commuter trainOnce the middle class [people] Used for travel.nows Poor people, people who can’t afford anything else, or who can’t afford other means of transportation. This is another devastating blow to PRASA.theyve had something like 10 CEOs in 12 years, mostly acting appointments. No one can do anything. Matthews seems to have been suspended for false reasons, whatever his qualifications.Maybe hes did something that upset people.Maybe he did something he shouldn’tt did the real thing and theyI’m trying to get him out.

However, it is a symptom of inadequate governance, inadequate organization, and inadequate management from the perspective of a policy organization. This company is a shipwreck. If it were a private company, it would go beyond business bailouts. It’s just not working.

About what President Rama Poza should do

[Firstly], youYou need to protect your infrastructure. People say, “Oh, the ANC government destroyed the railroad.”thatit’s not. This began in the 1970s, when the road transport sector was deregulated without thinking about how to maintain proper traffic on the tracks. Again, it’s poor governance, which means that the old Kuomintang was doing things with bad influence, not necessarily bad intentions.

whatIt’s us that happenedRailroad police were about 16,000 male and female institutions used to protect this large infrastructure, including patrols, arrests, and prisoners. Under the PW Botha administration, they lacked South African police and integrated railroad police and South African police.

As a result, the railroad is no longer guarded andIt takes time for criminal organizations to realize that all this juicy infrastructure is being stolen, destroyed, or destroyed. This is especially what happened in the last 20 years. Around Houten, there is a suburban railway about 480 km.; Passenger railway line.Almost all of them – – Electric wires that supply current to fictitious equipment and locomotives – – It’s gone.

Most suburban stations look like bomb sites, except that the rubble has been removed. The station appears to have been dug up for other purposes. Approximately 2000 people live on the railroad tracks in Cape Town, and PRASA cannot get off the railroad tracks despite a court order, so the train can run again.Just talking about electrical fictitious equipment, it’ss is just gone … most of it.

Restoring it will cost at least R500 million per kilometer. Nw that■ Only fictitious lines, not station infrastructure or fences.threeMany more. Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula is discussing resolving the issue by next year. The back of the cigarette box alone doesn’t tell you what you have to do or what to do by next year.

One engineer I spoke to said that if there was one team working on this, it would take 15 years to fix it nationwide. Now he says, obviously they are trying to build more teams. However, there is a lot of money that must be spent just to get things back to their previous state. Meanwhile, all carriages are sitting in a rusty yard and are not cared for or maintained. You need to keep the truck. They are like roads.If the ballast becomes silt, the wash away [damage] truck. We are one of the few countries in the world where gangsters actually steal railroad tracks, as well as equipment around the railroad tracks.

There is a huge and very expensive job here. As far as we can see, the two organizations that run the rails are not talking to each other. It’s very difficult to get comments from them. I have more generally made another report on South African railways, but it is very difficult to ask South Africans for comment. Namibia is very useful. Zambia was very helpful. Angola, there are people talking for all these countries. In South Africa, that’s not the case.

The danger is that we are circumvented as a railroad operator in southern Africa, but we were supposed to be leaders. I’m not even talking about corruption. You can see it crippling the railroad in its own way.Corruption alone would have worked, but add it to these other things [and] This is a disaster.

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“We are now at a stage where most of SA’s rail network is likely to be amortized.” – PRASA’s David Williams

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