We welcome wax and non-wax with strict conditions

From March 29 to April 3, festival attendees will be able to attend the Klein Karoo National Art Festival (KKNK) in Oudtshoorn – this time in an adapted format to suit the Covid-19 climate in which we currently live.

Ticket sales opened to the public on March 3, prompting many people to apply in different ways for the decision to implement the Covid-19 vaccination mandate at the festival.

Hugo Theart, artistic director of Kunste Onbeperk, says: “After a two-year absence, the festival is back in the offshore when the reality of the Covid-19 threat is still between us. As the organizers of the festival, we must try to find solutions to ensure a safe environment for the mass of festival participants and all other stakeholders in order to minimize the impact of the virus. ”

Therefore, although both vaccinated and non-vaccinated festival participants welcome this year’s KKNK, there will be certain terms and conditions that everyone will have to abide by.

The decision to implement a vaccination mandate at the festival only means that certain guidelines recommended by health authorities must be followed to create the safest possible festival for visitors, artists, staff, service providers and the outshore community.

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Theart says the KKNK supports the implementation of the vaccination mandate as it will benefit all participants.

“However, we guarantee that no unvaccinated person will return, except those who do not meet the conditions stipulated in the mandate.

What are the conditions?

The terms and conditions of the KKNK include a negative Covid-19 test result obtained through a completed rapid antigen or PCR test. People who can submit a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test result will receive the KKNK 2022 Pre-Clearance Token as a bracelet.

When you attend the festival with your Covid-19 vaccination card or certificate (printed or electronic), festival officials will verify your data with a green barcode against your ID or ID card, your passport or your birth certificate. The same applies to foreign nationals who have to present similar evidence from their home country.

Vaccination refers to one of the following:

  • One Johnson & Johnson injection and booster vaccine, or
  • Two injections of Pfizer

For those who do not have access to tokens, the KKNK will verify all evidence of vaccination, including in areas where these tokens are not available.

If you wish to attend the festival with a negative Covid-19 test result (via PCR or rapid antigen test) your details will also be verified at all locations. These tests may not be older than March 28 (for the public) or March 26 (for suppliers and contractors).

What about the children in the KKNK?

Children under the age of 12 will not be subject to the above terms and conditions and will be able to enter the festival and all halls.

However, children between the ages of 12 and 18 will be subject to these terms and conditions and parents may be required to identify children under the age of 18.

You can read more about the vaccination mandate at KKNK Website.

Compiled by Renate Engelbrecht

We welcome wax and non-wax with strict conditions

Source link We welcome wax and non-wax with strict conditions

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