What you need to know about FlySaFair ‘crazy R8’ sale

Many South Africans are likely to set their alarms very soon as FlySafair prepares for its annual FlySafair ticket sales.

The airline surprised competitors in 2018 with its R4 sales of local flight tickets and continued with a special R5 program in 2019.

As everyone continues to settle in to the new routine and travel back in full swing, FlySafair is joking on their social media accounts about the upcoming “Crazy R8” sale.

“8, she’s a beautiful bright number with the two perfectly intertwined circles. But on the flip side it can turn you on, it can put you in the knot of infinity and beyond, [and] it may drive you crazy! It’s definitely making fun of us at the moment… What could it be? ” they wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the airline confirmed its R8 sale and advised people to prepare themselves. “Get your devices ready, make sure your wifi is paid for, stock up on snacks, and get ready for Crazy 8.”

To get ahead of the pack, it’s a favorite Download the flySafair program an app on Google Play or the Apple App store.

In the past, the airline has struggled with the influx of ticket-seeking people.

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In 2019, they had to pause their R5 sales because there were over 25,000 people in the online waiting room because their server had a problem.

“To keep this fair we are going to stop the sale until that server is set up so that everyone gets a fair shot. Unlucky customers getting hit by the wrong server are getting an error, ”FlySafair said at the time.

FlySafair allows about 40,000 tickets in the past to go on sale on flights leaving major cities up to a certain month.

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele

What you need to know about FlySaFair ‘crazy R8’ sale Source link What you need to know about FlySaFair ‘crazy R8’ sale

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