WhatsApp Launches Cloud API to All Businesses Around the World

An anonymous reader cites TechCrunch’s report. WhatsApp continues to enter the business market with today’s news. Launch WhatsApp Cloud API to all businesses worldwide. Introduced in beta testing in November, this new developer tool is a cloud-based version of WhatsApp’s first monetization enterprise product, the WhatsApp Business API, but is hosted on parent company Meta’s infrastructure. The company has been building a business API platform over the past few years as one of the main ways free messaging apps make money. Businesses pay WhatsApp on a per-message basis, and rates vary by region and number of messages sent. As of the end of last year, tens of thousands of businesses had been established on non-cloud-based versions of Business API, including brands such as Vodafone, Coppel, Sears Mexico, BMW, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Itau Brazil, and iFood. , Bank Mandiri and others. The on-premises version of this API is free to use.

However, the cloud-based version aims to attract the small business market and reduce integration times from weeks to minutes, the company said. It’s also free. Enterprises integrate APIs with backend systems. WhatsApp communication here is usually only part of your messaging and communication strategy. You may also want to forward communications via SMS, other messaging apps, email, etc. Typically, businesses work with solution providers like Zendeks or Twilio to facilitate this integration. During the Cloud API beta testing, providers included Zendesk in the US, Take in Brazil, and MessageBird in the EU. “The best business experience is meeting people where they are.”Conversation’ Live Event today. “Already, over 1 billion users connect to business accounts every week through our messaging service. They are contacting us to ask for help, find products and services, and buy anything from high-end items to everyday necessities. And today, I’m excited to launch WhatsApp to businesses of all sizes around the world using the WhatsApp Cloud API.”

Meta also added that Cloud API “will help partners eliminate expensive server costs and provide customers with quick access to new features as they arrive”.

WhatsApp Launches Cloud API to All Businesses Around the World

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