When and How to Give Second Chance in Relationships

Breaking up a relationship is always stressful. Regardless of who initiated the splitting up, both partners will be worried in one way or another. The end of the relationships often happens because of serious reasons: adultery, domestic violence, or lying, but sometimes problems are silenced, dialogues don’t work, resentment piled up, and one of the partners couldn’t control himself/herself, then your relationship is worth giving a second chance. So, find out how to do it right.

When Giving a Second Chance Is Justified

If, after breaking up with a beloved one, you start doubting about this decision, think hard about whether you should return to your ex, or it’s better to find a more worthy life partner, for example, one of the decent Ukrainian girls for marriage. Psychologists argue that sometimes a second chance can only strengthen relationships and make them more whole. Suppose you have too much in common, kids or several years of life together. In that case, realizing past mistakes, fear of losing your soulmate again, and taking responsibility for your happiness will help take your relationship to a higher level.

How to Give a Second Chance

Time has passed, you’ve calmed down and decided you need this marriage. No matter who makes the first move, both partners need to accept and understand some things.

Take Things As They Are

Remember that a second chance doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect.  Yes, you are hurt and, thus, cautious and sensitive. But that’s not a guarantee that things will work out, and it may not hit it off for no particular reason. Just face the fact that things happen which allow you to accept any outcome with dignity.

Be Patient

You and your spouse didn’t suddenly become perfect after all the reflection, self-discovery, and stepping out of your comfort zone. You both may keep making mistakes, and there might be some stuff you don’t understand. So, the best thing to do is to be patient with each other.

Don’t Bring Up Bad Memories

Even if you are dumped, and you are eager to remind about it, it’s vital to know the difference between “keep your hurt feelings silent inside” and “let your hard feelings go.” It has already happened, and you can’t change it. It needs to be worked through and let go. You don’t have to fear the worst and be afraid anymore because you have a great chance to make your affair work out.

Change of Scenery

That’s a powerful help and resource for the future. Make things up and do them together. Support your partner when he or she suggests something to you. It doesn’t have to be an extreme vacation or a change of residence. It could be a date, a hobby together, a short trip — everything that seems like a small thing plays into your relationship.

Human relationships are a great gift. Breaking and losing them can be quick, but you should realize that a path to fixing the relationship won’t be easy.

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