Where the lawn is greener, except in the case of “non-functional turf”

If you’re looking for end-time signs, here’s the seemingly forgiving city of Las Vegas, which has illegalized decorative types of grass.

Many Western nations have experienced the worst droughts of decades, the “megadroughts” that caused early wildfires and severe water shortages, and the seasonal heat has barely begun. “100% chance of getting worse before getting better“Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, told The Times today, graphic editor Naja Popovich. “We have to survive a long, dry summer.”

Located on the Colorado River (behind the Hoover Dam) and supplying 90% of the water in Las Vegas and southern Nevada, Lake Mead reached its lowest capacity this week since its inception in the 1930s. Also, some states that draw water from the Colorado River with strict allocations need to impose strict restrictions on their use in cities and in agriculture.

“We’re like being in an existential position in the West right now,” Kyle Raylink, executive director of the nonprofit Great Basin Water Network, said in a telephone conversation. “Even the basic terms that were once taken for granted are now shifting to the term dry, not drought.”

It goes into dryness and leaves the grass.Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has just signed the law Invoice AB356This requires the removal of all “non-functional lawns” from the Las Vegas Valley by 2027. This effort will save about 10% of the region’s annual water allocation from the Colorado River. “It’s a really good time to submit such a bill,” said Röling, who is part of a bipartisan coalition that includes the South Nevada Homebuilders Association, which supported the bill.

The South Nevada Water Department has not yet formed a committee that actually defines “non-functional turf.” So far, this category roughly describes the thousands of acres of lawn that cover the meridians, office parks, and residential development areas of the area’s streets, equivalent to about one-third of all lawns in the area. To do.

“The best way to express that is the kind of grass that is only used when someone is pushing the lawn mower,” says Roerink. “Another abbreviation that became common during this legislative session was’useless grass’.” (Superficially useful grasses such as parks, schools, golf courses, and single-living lawns, at least for now. Still allowed.)

“Non-working lawn” — That phrase is an existential knot. Is it redundant or a contradiction? In any case, it completely encapsulates our twisted relationship with nature. Some are good and some are bad, all of which (except those that grow naturally in the meadow) are designed and managed by us.

The challenge is not excess grass, but excess people. Southern Nevada has experienced explosive growth in recent years, with water usage increasing by more than 9% since 2018. In the discussion for new development (there is no doubt that there is more useful grass).

“What are the limits of the Mojave Desert?” He said. “There are desert turtle habitats in some of the areas Vegas wants to develop, and not so many good desert turtle habitats. What’s next?”

The underlying question is what is considered a “functional” or useless species? Humans seem to be stuck at the time of discovery. From the Amazon to Antarctica, we have the knack for finding the harshest environments and planting ourselves there. Nowadays in space, the final destination is Mars.Millionaire entrepreneur on monday Jeff Bezos announced that he would soon be on trackDefeated billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk with a punch (unless millionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson got there earlier).

Note that Mars has no grass and no identifiable life of any kind, whether functional or not. (The Earth’s desert, including the Mojave Desert, is where Mars rover goes to practice.) If Mars settlers are lucky, they may dig up something similar. Fine multicellular rotifers recently recovered by scientists from Siberian permafrostSmall animals resistant to radiation, extreme acidity, starvation, hypoxia, and dehydration were effectively frozen for 24,000 years, but soon revived and began to proliferate.

“They are the most resistant animals in the world to all forms of torture,” Harvard molecular biologist Matthew Meselson told The Times. Is probably the only animal we know. “

The hairy mammoth was roaming the planet the last time the rotifer got up. Including the current Las Vegas Valley. As long as the mammoths were thinking about something, they probably had a very strong opinion of who was the “functional” species and who wasn’t. Alas, we never know.

Malinta, Ohio — Today, it shook six counties in Ohio, rocked homes in dozens of towns in this state and Indiana, and woke up thousands of sleeping people.Tonight, the crowd of people who came to Marinta at the center of the shock I was confused as to whether it was due to an explosion or a fall of a giant meteorite...

Many drivers who felt that something was wrong rushed from all over the place to find out the cause. A strange hole 0.5 miles (0.5 miles) from Malinta on State Highway 109 was the focus of the crowd. …

Where the lawn is greener, except in the case of “non-functional turf”

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