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Whistleblowers uphold the recommendations made by the Zondo Commission on their protection

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  • Whistleblowers have approved a National Capture Investigation recommendation aimed at strengthening the protection of those who open the cover of corruption and misconduct.
  • They are also seeking the establishment of anti-corruption agencies.
  • They also said authorities should have a department for whistleblowers to provide legal protection and psychosocial resources.

Whistleblowers should uphold national capture investigation recommendations to establish anti-corruption agencies and contain departments for whistleblowers to provide legal protection, social psychology and health resources. I added.

At a media briefing on Friday, whistleblowers, including several who testified before the national capture investigation, took many forms of retaliation taken against those who whistled about corruption: I explained that.

  • Weaponization of disciplinary action;
  • A lawsuit aimed at harassing, poverty-stricken, and damaging the reputation of honest employees who whistle cheating.When
  • murder.

“Retaliation of corrupt police officers and / or private sector officials has destroyed the lives of whistleblowers following the disclosure of civil servant misconduct,” whistleblowers said.

“The most disturbing thing was the violation of the constitutional rights of citizens by law enforcement officers.”

“In a way reminiscent of the dark ages of apartheid, they violated the constitutional rights of citizens to protect.”

“At the local government level, whistleblowers were arrested on accused of being truncated and attempted to assassinate.”

“Others had to flee the country for fear of their lives or secretly move to safe homes. In other cases, private sector entities (such as retirement funds) and / Or public and / or private sector organizations, retirement fund members and beneficiaries, etc. “

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Due to persecution, whistleblowers upheld recommendations to strengthen legal protection and institutional frameworks for the fight against corruption with domestic whistleblowers.

They approved the recommendations for the establishment of an anti-corruption body, requiring that body to be independent, partial to its authority, and to comply only with the law and the Constitution.

Whistleblowers added that an institution with sufficient skills to ensure legal protection and social psychological and health resources for whistleblowers should be named the whistleblower’s office. ..

In addition, whistleblowers stated that the law should criminalize retaliation as described in the Protected Disclosure Act.

“We lament the fact that the current system does not provide whistleblowers with an incentive to break the cover-up.”

The group also called for reforms to the Protection and Disclosure Act, including:

  • Introduce the need to compensate for the harm done to whistleblowers, such as loss of livelihood, income, savings and pensions, and reputation.
  • Introduce an expanded list of potential whistleblowers who are considering making protected disclosures.
  • The person to whom such disclosure is made must be given a legal obligation to ensure confidentiality and appropriate protection against the harm of the whistleblower.When
  • Conform South African law to Article 32 (2) of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention of Corruption. This suggests that all signatories, such as South Africa, provide to the extent necessary to establish procedures for the physical protection of such persons. It is feasible to transfer them and, where appropriate, allow non-disclosure or restriction on the disclosure of information about the identity or whereabouts of such persons.

Whistleblowers have also approved a system of monetary incentives to effectively assist those who have made protected disclosures to recoup the financial losses incurred due to their principled position.

However, whistleblowers also dislike supporting systems that encourage bounty hunters, such as the US incentive disclosure system, based on the percentage of funds recovered after a successful indictment.

“We support a reward system based on the quantification of damages and losses incurred or incurred, so we are more inclined to the provisions of European whistleblowers who are leaning in this direction. “

Whistleblowers uphold the recommendations made by the Zondo Commission on their protection

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