Who is Laura Fratchman?Annie Lennox Produces Daughter’s Sunshine Pop Song [watch]

Laura Lennox reveals what her famous mother Annie Lennox was like to co-produce her latest single. Wherever you go..

The 30-year-old pop star track is a bit family-friendly, with 66-year-old Eurythmics star and Laura’s boyfriend Braden Wright, 32, co-writing the song.

“Easy process” with Annie Lennox

And the singer-songwriter, whose father is film producer Uri Fructmann, insisted that the process was easy.

Laura said Sun Strange column in the newspaper: “I was sending songs to various producers, but it didn’t work.

“I was like’this doesn’t sound like me’, and I, my mother, and another co-producer, my boyfriend Braden, gathered at our home studio setup and clicked. I just did.

“I was a spectator of her creativity and diligence, and it’s really great that this allows us to actually have some sort of partnership.

“We’re doing really well and we don’t argue too much. I think we’re really lucky.”

“Love people in your life”

Released with a stunning promotion hosted by Natalie Johns, the single is perfect for getting away from loved ones, as many are in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic.

But the London-born star, who emigrated to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career, wanted to express “the excitement of giving love to the people of your life.”

Watch Lola Lennox’s “Wherever You Go”

“Wherever You Go” Laura Lennox

She explains in a press release: It’s a temporary emotion that spreads across cities and the ocean.

“I wrote’Wherever You Go’about the missing person. I moved to LA a few years ago and left behind friends, family and memories. I was left behind while living a new life in the United States. Sticking to those who made it. Losing them was a difficult part of growing up in music and pursuing my dreams.

“I wanted to express the excitement of being loved by the people of life, while being a song that reflects the challenges I admire. Managing long-distance relationships gives up whatever result life has on you. The lesson of acceptance. Its openness is where music was born.

“With the passage of time, I Wherever you go While the world has changed dramatically, it has evolved. In 2020, we all had to adapt to a life far from our loved ones. “

Wherever you go Following the acclaimed single in 2020 Wrong back And Lara Love Me..

Who is Laura Fratchman?Annie Lennox Produces Daughter’s Sunshine Pop Song [watch]

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