WHO to supply HIV drugs to Ukraine – SABC News

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that it will supply thousands of doses of life-saving antiretroviral drugs to Ukraine to cover the needs of HIV patients in the country for the next 12 months.

WHO, together with the Emergency Plan of the President of the United States for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), Ukrainian authorities and other partners, has purchased 209,000 packages of generic anti-retroviral medicine TLD.

Ukraine has an estimated 260,000 people living with HIV, the second largest number in Europe after Russia, and prior to the invasion of Moscow, about half of them were on anti-retroviral treatment.

Last month, the UN agency for HIV / AIDS warned that Ukraine was left with less than a month’s supply of medicines for HIV patients.

“This war has the potential to undermine the hard-earned progress of recent years on a number of health problems, including HIV. We could not help but notice when Ukraine began to make a corner on HIV,” said WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Henri P. Kluge.

Although there is no cure for HIV, anti-retroviral drugs control the virus and prevent sexual transmission to other people. Any interruption in treatment can lead to complications, including drug resistance.

The first batch of HIV medicines has crossed the Polish border into Ukraine and is about to be transported to HIV service facilities across the country, WHO said.

WHO to supply HIV drugs to Ukraine – SABC News

Source link WHO to supply HIV drugs to Ukraine – SABC News

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