Why Cryptocurrency Frauds Are Increasing Everyday

The world is going towards Cryptocurrency. Why are you alone left out?

Businesses are leveraging Cryptocurrency for the inherent facilities and assurance they are getting from Cryptocurrency.

Millions of people across the USA and the globe are using Cryptocurrency. This is the bright side, but the dark side is equally alarming Crypto frauds. So why do you think that Cryptocurrency frauds have rinse manifolds?

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In this article, we are going to discuss why Cryptocurrency fraud is increasing with the passage of time.

Cryptocurrency Frauds And Its Types

There is not an iota of doubt on the news of Cryptofrauds floating around the air. These frauds are becoming common, and so you need to develop a comprehensive idea regarding Crypto Fraud.

These frauds include:

  • Scam initial coin offering.
  • Pump and Dump schemes.
  • Market Manipulation.
  • Ponzi Schemes.
  • Traditional Theft.
  • Broker Frauds.
  • Unscrupulous Promoters.

These are the different types of Crypto frauds that you need to be aware of while you are dealing in the Crypto business.

The ones discussed above are different in nature, but the end product is that you lose all your hard-earned money.

Why Are Cryptocurrency Frauds Increasing?

According to a January 2022 report published by Chain analysis, a value of $14 billion was scammed in the year 2021. Now, this is a landslide, we must say. This is enough to put a red light on the entire Crypto trading business platform.

Let’s tell a short story. A student decided to drop out of university. We hear that the student suffered Cryptocurrency fraud.

It consumed all the balance. It lost all its money. So a study needs to be conducted on why Cryptocurrency fraud is on a high?

1. Fake Cryptocurrency Platforms

Be aware that there are various fake Cryptocurrency platforms running here and there. They have opened their outlets only to cheat you.

An example of this can be heard about a Koran fake Cryptocurrency running with the name BitKRK. They were plundering the wealth of people. Therefore this is one of the reasons for increasing Cryptocurrency fraud.

2. Emergence Of Less Credible Cryptocurrency

Are you buying and selling Cryptocurrency? There are various new platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which you can buy and sell or make payments with.

But the problem is that there have emerged many fake Cryptocurrencies in the market. They promise lesser payment and offer many services. This really creates problems for Crypto users.

3. Mining Scams

Mining scams are one of the reasons why Crypto fraud is increasing. Remember that companies that engage in cloud mining have to use expensive hardware. This goes on to increase the charge of processing.

On the other hand, there are some miners who use not-so-expensive tools to mine Crypto.

Some other companies lend or make use of machines via rent. In all cases, they have to bear a good amount of money.

But the ones with lofty and softy promises of higher returns might treat you. Their presence has literally increased in the Crypto market.

How To Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams 

We have already discussed above that the rise of Cryptocurrency fraud brings danger to the entire Crypto economy.

If this continues for a long time, people will lose faith in this system. So the question is, what needs to be done to prevent oneself from Cryptocurrency fraud? Let’s discuss this in this section.

Remember, no legitimate business will ask you to pay in Cryptocurrency. It is the customers like you that ask for Cryptocurrency payments.

Therefore if you see that some company is asking you to pay in Cryptocurrency, there are some evil designs behind this.

No legitimate company promises high profits and bigger returns. If you are getting the same kind of assurance, mind you, there is some kind of trouble.

These elements that you need to be extremely conscious of, and you will notice these kinds of elements hither and thither. Therefore be alert.


In order to conclude, it needs to be understood that you are investing all your hard-earned money and you will be suffering from any kind and every kind of problem that you face.

Therefore have a good knowledge and awareness of Cryptocurrency and how they work. This will smoothen your business activities and lessen the chance of fraud.

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