Why has the popularity of online casinos surged in South Africa?

Online casino signups have surged in South Africa in recent years, but what is causing this jump in popularity? A mixture of increased accessibility, and a pandemic, have played a major role in this boost. 

The gambling industry in South Africa has seen a huge boost over the last decade; here, we look at how the online casino market is changing in South Africa and possible factors that have played a part in this surge of popularity. 

Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are another reason more people than ever are playing with an online casino. These can consist of bonus funds, matched deposits, free spins, and more. Every casino bonus is different, so read the terms and conditions before joining.

The demand for casino bonuses has increased steadily over time, showing that players from South Africa are actively seeking out the best welcome offers and bonuses in general. There was a spike in April 2020 of the search term ‘casino bonus’, and today, the number of searches for this term is at an all-time high.

Mobile Casino

One of the suspected reasons for this growth in the online casino market is the change in accessibility. Mobile casinos are now commonplace, allowing people to play whenever and wherever they please. 

Smartphones have become more accessible, with a record 300+ million Africans using them in 2019; it can be theorised that this is one of the factors that has led to mobile casino subscriptions. People searching for the best online slots are more likely to play on mobile than anything else it seems.


It won’t come as much of a surprise that online casino popularity rose significantly over lockdown periods worldwide. Online casino is currently searched 3,300 times per month in South Africa, a number steadily increasing year on year. 

Live Casino

One aspect of online casinos that has grown significantly is live casino. Live Casino games allow customers to play classic casino games in the comfort of their own homes. Searches for live casino in South Africa have nearly doubled year on year, a pretty impressive stat. 

The demand for live blackjack and live roulette have both seen increases in search volume, reinforcing the fact that live casino is very popular at this moment. 

Which online casinos accept players from South Africa?

It can be tricky to find online casinos that accept players based in South Africa. One of the best options is Wombat Casino, which helped compile information and stats together for this article; you can pick up a nice welcome bonus when you join!

Safer Gambling

When it comes to online casinos and gambling in general, it’s always good to keep in mind responsible gambling. Casino games and slots are meant to be an enjoyable experience, and gambling should never become an issue. Make sure to take regular breaks, and please always gamble responsibly.


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