win the day by the sweetest breakfast

If you live an active life or have a long day of activity, you want to stretch your body in the right way. You need good protein, a little bit of carbohydrates and of course, a delicious breakfast. Eggs and mince and toast breakfast, also known as the surfer’s breakfast is what you need. If you have left mince by making spaghetti or curry, you have a little work to do to make a delicious and well-balanced breakfast.

Eggs and mince and toast for breakfast

If you do not have dry, you should fast 20 minutes mince. You can make a soft crispy variety or go in the direction of shakshuka and wrap it between mince. It is all your delicious choice in addition. Add some onion water to the top and bottom for a fresh finish. You can enjoy small pieces of toast with a fork and mince before or after the workout for a great low-fat or heavy frying pan.

Start your day with something fun and easy. Eggs & mince and toast breakfast have you and your work day full of delicious breakfast.

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win the day by the sweetest breakfast

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