Winning African developers reveal the power of Huawei’s Apps UP competition

Huawei recently announced the winners of this year’s Apps UP competition, which aims to inspire talented developers around the world to create seamless, smart and innovative digital experiences. Apps UP saw developers from five regions of the world; the Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and China; compete with each other to create innovative apps that help users navigate everyday life. Amid stiff competition, four African app developers won awards for their app submission in the Middle East and Africa region.

One of the award-winning apps was Costhetic, which received an award for best app, as well as $ 15,000 in cash prizes. Developed by Kurt Mbanje, Coresthetics is a digital fitness coach that aims to help health conscious individuals achieve their fitness goals. Its main differentiator is that it takes into account the fitness equipment available to a user as well as the lack of such equipment.

“Unlike most online workout routines that are delivered in static form, Coresthetics automatically adjusts its fitness recommendations based on an individual’s abilities and feedback from previous workouts. The app is always learning, ”explains Mbanje.

Another SA winner, this time in the Excellent Student Award category, was UniAPS, which helps prospective students find out their Admission Point Score (APS) for a wide range of South African universities, as well as get a list of the courses they qualify for based on their matrix scores (12th year).

“The app is unique because it calculates the APS for all universities in one place and only generates the courses you qualify for,” says Velly Dingaan, developer of UniAPS.

The two developers believe that integrating apps with HMS Core, a collection of tools designed for Huawei’s partners and app developers, should be something every developer should seriously think about. These tools provide enhanced features and services to apps and keep them running optimally on Huawei devices.

“Huawei has a large and continuously growing share of the global smartphone market. It makes sense to take advantage of their capabilities using the HMS kernel, ”says Mbanje.

Dingaan agrees, adding, “HMS Core is flexible and provides an array of open device and cloud functionality that can be easily integrated into applications. It enables developers to deliver next-level user experiences and make premium content and services widely accessible. “

According to Mbanje, HMS Core allows you to quickly deploy an app and not worry about otherwise mundane tasks like user authentication or device authorization for video playback. Implementing them from scratch would take a considerable amount of time for any newbie developer.

Dingaan says this environment provided by Huawei allows developers to focus more on showcasing their application. With all of the HMS Core kits available for free, this is certainly an environment that drives adoption.

“Winning the award confirmed that we are on the right track. We plan to invest the prize money in marketing, add more exercises to the app, and bring more health and fitness advisors into the team, ”said Mbanje.

For Dingaan, UniAPS’s $ 5,000 award will help purchase the equipment needed to improve its application’s testing, debugging and production processes.

Mbanje thinks competitions like Huawei’s Apps UP are important for developers.

“Apps UP can help you market yourself. To come out on top in a region as large as the MEA is a big deal. And seeing what other developers create is priceless, just to demonstrate the level of innovation that is taking place on the continent. “

Dingaan is also excited about the Apps UP competition.

“This provides a platform for developers to learn more about the latest technology and improve their skills in mobile application development. We also see what other developers are doing and see the best apps in action in the region, ”Dingaan concludes.

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Winning African developers reveal the power of Huawei’s Apps UP competition

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