Without RHODurban Nonku “Boring” – Viewers Respond to Latest Episode

The hostess who was the topic of conversation in the new season The real housewives of DurbanNonku Williams has once again come into the spotlight in a recent episode.

The hostess was on the lips of the spectator and fellow housewives with her actions and the mother queen.

The fifth episode, which aired on Showmax on Friday, began with Annie and Londe talking about their confrontation with Nonkus and the Queen over the fact that they were not beautiful and smart.

However, the parties involved could not decide much because the women were preparing for Sorisha Naido’s Halloween party. That was when former castmate Kgomoto Ndungan reappeared after he left for the first season.

Sorisha’s Halloween party was “sexually awful” as Kgomotso planned the decor of the event and was invited to attend.

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Before this could happen, Nonku met the new hostess Tobil Makhumalo Meseleku when he interviewed her about a polygamous life. Nonku said Tobil should not be concerned about the lateral chicks of his polygamous wife Musa Meseleku as he is the fourth wife.

There was also an interesting rendezvous with Laconco and NonkuA mother who had a spa appointment. Laconco said they did not understand what Anne or Londi understood and denied their claims, which were persistently raised after the first episode.

Viewers were confused in last week’s episode that Annie could not speak Zulu because she was married to a Zulu man who has Zulu children. So Annie, Sorisha, and Jojo decided to take a Zulu lesson to learn the language.

Sorisha felt that Jojo did not take this seriously as he continued to joke. Annie also learned about the ancestral culture of the Zulu people and its work.

When the Halloween party scene finally came, Ani wore Curella de Ville, Sorisha and Londi as Maleficent, Jojo as Harley Quinn and Nonku as Catwoman. Lacono slammed Kgomtoso and Tobile during his confession and said that both women did not fit into the party.

Mabusi had an unexpected party as Nonku’s drink was in question as he looked under the influence when he arrived and the devils performed as Catwoman.

Mabus and Nonku reconciled from last year’s drama. The language-initiated game cheered for the truth or the courage when he asked if Nonku was the late bird of the late gospel singer Sifiso Nkuane.

They both have one child, Sifiso was married to former hostess Aianda Ntsvan. Nonko denied that she was the second woman, but she was a fan of the gospel singer.

Here are some reactions to the last episode of the series დTrue Durban housewives:

Without RHODurban Nonku “Boring” – Viewers Respond to Latest Episode

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