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If you, like me, consider the liberal use of the word ‘woke up, ‘here’s Chuck Stephens playing with the term, somewhat like a cat does with a ball of yarn. It is woven into a variety of yarns, marked as a bow and inflated like a cat facing an opponent. I hardly dare say that this is an “appropriate” metaphor, because this meaning, as “woke up”, depends on who uses the word. Who exactly is awakened is a cause for some joy, given how meaningless it has become when it comes to mutual understanding. It’s about as clear as those who tend to overuse it. For example, Simon Lincoln Reader loves to make fun of the “awake” among us – but he at least makes it clear who he sees as awake. They may be “vigilant about injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism”, but they sometimes take it out on a limb. Chuck Stephens underscores this stupidity with some compelling examples. Cogent… well… ok. I will. Now. Stop. – Chris Bateman

Woke is blank

by Chuck Stephens *

Let’s start with the meaning “woke up“. Sometimes the meaning of a new word in English is inflated to the point that it makes it almost meaningless or unclear. This happened with the word “appropriate” in my memory. It was thrown around as if it were defined and understood, but as a concept of relativity it did not mean much. Which made it vague and dangerous to use in in-depth conversations.

Concepts like this can be used as a “dog whistle”. You blow on them but they make no sound. In other words, people hear you but do not really understand you. This will be a code issue for people with the same mindset to nod in agreement. Such meaningful communication is lost in group thinking.

Nevertheless, the dictionary definition of “awakened” is: Awake to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism. Strictly speaking, it should be the way people use it.

But “waking up” means a lot to different people. I have tried my best to follow the etymology of this overused word …

“Awake” tends to be a concept familiar to those on the left. Are they saying that all Republicans are racists? Are not Democrats racists? Is it not possible to “wake up” a conservative?

The concept really took off in 2020. From “woke up” to BLM … from to BLM riots to lift the police … there has been a logical expansion of its scope. Someone who is truly awake probably supports all of the above.

So is the inconsistency of truck restrictions raised? Some liberals seem to characterize truck drivers as racist, immune to injustice and discrimination. My opinion is that truck drivers who shut down Ottawa were themselves victims of stereotypes.

Because of the “awakening” that has been fought by leftists and seized by the Biden campaign to try to discredit Trump, the range of meanings expanded again to include socialist WEF-induced globalization and “new normal“. That was the trend when Biden saw its lead diminish through the 2020 election.

Then came the Covid crisis, and the great controversy over how to deal with it became political. Masks and closure were an option for leftists, to the point that they are accused of “surfing” and even fascism! Alt-Right argued HCQ and saving the economy were not just saving lives. Remdesivir was the medium that both parties welcomed. Leftists applauded for insulting HCQ. Alt-Right welcomed the fact that their treatment was as good as prevention. Now, a study recently found in 2022 that 27 percent of all of them treated with Remdesivir in New York City died within 6 months. While “waking up” blow up again to translate those who support mask and closure as an option.

Now the “awakening” will probably expand again to cover all those who are strongly opposed to Putin’s aggression. Leftists will never accept any responsibility for the crisis in Ukraine. Although it was in 2014 – UNDER OBAMA – it Russia swallowed Crimea. There was no significant response to that invasion, except a lot of rhetoric. Everyone like me who seeks the media in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will now be considered truck drivers, even though I have a career in fighting racism and injustice.

A funny incident happened on the way to the tickets. My reading is that Republicans are going to starve Democrats and leave Biden isolated as a limping duck. Could he spend his last 2 years in his basement in Delaware? But who knows? Could the popular anti-Russian attitude in the West enliven Biden’s potential and reduce Trump’s growing popularity? Was it not Biden who claimed that all blacks were Democrats? Not anymore.

So what do I mean by “waking up broken”?

Now that you understand the inflated meaning of “awakened” in 2022, two years after it broke into international affairs, what about “broken”?

Do I mean “broken”? Am I referring to the rising inflation rate, which is set to rise as oil prices hit $ 200 a barrel? Do I mean the rising Gini coefficient that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer? Do I mean the deteriorating polarization in the world? Putin’s aggression could be summed up as “Make Russia great again“. No wonder he does not please leftists, who themselves are accused of persecution and even fascism.

The term Nazi is confusing. Putin says he wants it suppress neo-Nazis. That term means National Socialist. Some see Putin as a communist dictator (who should be an oxymoron but has been so since Lenin). Russia is anything but a socialist state at this point – it is an oil-rich oligopoly. But it’s hugely nationalistic. Because the socialist left is now a globalist who is very skeptical of nationalism. Which leaves the Nazis nowhere.

Back to the “broken” … Maybe I meant that Biden’s spending pleasure in an FDR body was going to go to his head? He wants to revive the economy like FDR did, but he could go bankrupt along the way.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau has had a higher deficit than all of his predecessors. See what I mean? Woke is blank.

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Woke is blank – Chuck Stephens

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