Women and Koster condemn murder case of partners, former collaborators – SABC News

The capacity for safe haven continues to be a dream come true for many Reagile women in Koster, North West, as cases of murder and gender-based violence increase.

Most cases of rape are committed by partners or former partners.

This has been the story of many, 28-year-old Dimpho Motlodi who was shot a year ago, allegedly by his boyfriend. A bright young star, who is expected to live and thrive for her son.

“I got a call from my father, telling me that Dimpho was no longer there. I was alone at the time. I could not believe my ears. I asked how? He said he was shot by his boyfriend. My daughter is very quiet and doesn’t talk about what is happening to her. ”

An unforgettable photo. “I fled to Rustenburg. I can not believe. The police car was over, bright where my daughter was lying. My daughter is lying in a pool of blood. There was a bullet in front of him when I approached him. The phone was lying on its side with the injury. And the boat was in his hands. ”

Koster’s other mother is worried about her daughter’s death. Mmatlala Moahlodi, 28, ran out of gas in front of her house and accused her boyfriend.

“I opened the door and the police took my daughter’s phone. I told him that was my son’s phone. He asked me what had happened because no child had died in front of the house. I do not hear anything at night, there is no noise or fighting. The officer then told me my daughter was off and that they found two bottles of gasoline next to her. ”

Hope for justice

While these mothers expect justice to prevail, they also challenge the safety of women. They say they are not allowed to live.

“The one who made my daughter go back to work, wearing a shirt, while my daughter is lying in the grave. There is no justice. I go to court several times. It changes lawyers. I do not have enough money to make sure my daughter gets justice quickly, ”Mmatlala’s mother Elizabeth Moahlodi said.

“We have no security here in Koster. We are always scared. We do not live as women have the right to live. Koster boys are not protecting us. You get scared even when you see one at night. They can protect us and stop being a monster, ”adds Moahlodi’s mother.

Koster city police say tough action must be taken to open more cases of women and GBV at the local police station.

“As a police force, we are deeply concerned about gender-based violence in our region. Many young men and women are in the area of ​​sexual harassment, especially near the end of the month. There are a number of cases listed. domestic violence and domestic violence. I urge that against men or boys like me, you must take responsibility for respecting women. “

The locals said the national human rights commemoration to be held in Koster should reiterate criticism of the killings.

Criminal justice systems overwhelm survivors

Women and Koster condemn murder case of partners, former collaborators – SABC News

Source link Women and Koster condemn murder case of partners, former collaborators – SABC News

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