Women shoot them when Uncle Waffles reveals his sexuality [watch]

Tweeps, especially women, were ready to fire their shots when Lungile “Uncle Waffles” Zwane revealed his sexuality on Instagram live on Tuesday 19 July.


During his life, the amapiano DJ answered a few questions that his fans were interested in, one of them related to his sexuality.

Responding to a fan, he said:

“I’m bisexual. But I’m in a same-sex relationship.”

Women are ready to fire their shots

The revelation of the DJ welcomed many women who expressed their happiness that they “could have a chance with him” even though he revealed that he has a boyfriend.

“Dee waffles is bi. My time has come,” wrote one woman.

“Man [on my way] let IG join the u-queue of girlies hit on Uncle Waffles,” another tweep wrote.

“I want to fire my gun [at] uncle waffles,” another woman wrote.

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Uncle WAffles responds to rumors

The media act made its mark on the industry last year when a video of the DJ dancing behind the decks went viral. The viral video also caught the attention of Canadian-born musician Drake, who immediately followed him. It also appeared in one of his IG bios and tagged him in a post.

In April of this year, he and his supporters took to Twitter to destroy the transgender rumor that a Facebook user started at the time. A photo of the 23-year-old star with her transgender dancers at Cotton Fest raised eyebrows on social media.

Addressing the scandal, she revealed that she is a “proud ally of the trans community.”

“Good question. What do these pictures show? Instead, you are trying to bring down people who have nothing to do with this.

“Now, I will show my gender based on my body and based on rumors? Guys are very dangerous. Yes, without fail will have nothing to say,” he said.

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Women shoot them when Uncle Waffles reveals his sexuality [watch]

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