Young councilor candidates want to influence the issues that plague young people-SABC News

The challenges facing young South Africans are daunting. Youth unemployment has reached record highs This year it is over 64%. High debt plagues higher education students, teenage pregnancies continue to grow, and desperate young people are increasingly turning to drugs and alcohol in frustration.

However, new crops for young people are on the rise, establishing themselves as future councilors. Future local elections.. Their hope is to change the future of their community.

Tshiamo Makunye may receive a birthday present late after the November 1st election. The youngest candidate to run in the 2021 local elections will be 18 years old just days after the poll. Makunye is vying to become a Randfontein ward council member in West Rand, Gauteng, for the African Transformation Movement (ATM) three years ago. But he says his dream of representing his community has to do with his family.

“I was told I had to focus on school, which makes it difficult for my family, but on the other hand I want to prioritize education and participate in politics to make education fashionable. I think. For students with various unpaid fees. For me, engaging in politics and understanding education is about ensuring that students are properly represented and scholarships and so on. “

McNie has a clear plan for his immediate priorities in winning the council of his ward.

“Start by making sure your Randfontein taxi rank is clean and staying healthy. Start by cleaning Randfontein and building recreational and sports facilities for young people. This is because I noticed that it hasn’t been refurbished. Like sucking heavy drug grooving etc. to an 18 year old high school student. This is bad. They have something to motivate and keep busy. Is required.”

Kwena Moloto is another young man running for the November 1st election. If he succeeded, he would attend the Tsuwane Council again and became a DA PR councilor in the city at the age of 23 in 2016. He joined the opposition, saying he came from a stubborn ANC family. After witnessing the dire situation in which fellow students lived while at the University of Pretoria. He says he has escalated these issues to the local level.

“For a short time as a councilor, I have fought for transportation problems in Tshwane, the country’s most student-populated area. I have problems with accommodations for the city to return buildings to universities and higher education institutions. Young people have fresh ideas and see changes coming every time a young person like me enters this space. “

Boitumelo Thage is a 25-year-old energetic candidate running for ANC in the 98th district of Tshwane. She is concerned about youth unemployment, community crime and substance abuse among her peers.

“I would like to address issues within my ward, such as youth unemployment, substance and alcohol abuse, and safety and security that may break household chores. I am unemployed youth and informal We strongly believe in tackling unemployment through skill development and empowerment programs to help people living in their homes improve their lives. Taking drugs and rehabilitating young alcohol addicts I think it’s important to provide an employment program. “

Young people’s interest in these elections appears to be growing, with 91% or more than 400,000 new registrations on the September registration weekend being young people between the ages of 16 and 29, according to the IEC report. In the 2019 general election, 46% of the 9 million South Africans who chose to leave polls were young. Moloto encourages more participation to increase its influence.

“It’s often thought that young people aren’t interested in politics, but that’s not true. I think young people are involved in the current political space, but the louder our voice, the louder our voice. So I think it’s important for young people like me to participate in these spaces. Polls show that we care and our voice is important. People are us It’s hard not to hear the voice of. “

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Young councilor candidates want to influence the issues that plague young people-SABC News

Source link Young councilor candidates want to influence the issues that plague young people-SABC News

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