Zahara calls for the exploitation of Dj Sbu and TK Nciza – video

Zahara To reveal this, he went live on his Instagram DJ Sbu And TK Nciza Used it

She is currently crying over non-payment from her debut album “Loliwe”.

According to him, both of them used him because of his incredible and first album, on which he refused to release his royalties.

Yesterday, ZaharaCoincidentally he was on a radio show where he talked about how broken he was.

He also dropped bank account details for fans to support him with everything they have especially his house rent.

This will not be her first time DJ Sbu Would shake the internet.

The same issue hit the internet in 2021 and it had the following to say.

He says: “I have not received anything since I left the label and I just saw my music being uploaded on digital platforms so I did not know what it means to have my records sold to someone and that means I have to get a cut for it. When I even tried to communicate several times last year, I tried to call so many numbers and no one answered my phone … I always call … I do not care.

“Eventually they know that if I go to court, I do not have the resources or money to fight them because they know they have the money. God has given me a gift that no one can accept and I can start all over again as I do now. DJ Sbu Must stop lying. He has to be in the studio with me one day … a TV interview where I say what I say and he says what he says … he has to stop lying because he is a coward.

“It does not matter, I can always come back to sing for my cows, but the truth is the truth… it would not be so, they just have to let go because I am telling the truth and it is the truth … I do not want to hear anyone say anything, I want to DJ Sbu Only me and him in the TV room … where we both say what we want to say. “

Watch the video below:

Zahara calls for the exploitation of Dj Sbu and TK Nciza – video

Source link Zahara calls for the exploitation of Dj Sbu and TK Nciza – video

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