Zimbabwe: Continental Union urges release of caged teachers

There is increasing pressure from teachers’ unions across the continent to immediately release members of the Zimbabwean Merged Rural Teachers Union (ARTUZ), who were arrested during a flash demonstration earlier this week.

In a statement of solidarity, the Swaziland National Teachers Association (SNAT), Secretary-General, Skolola Dlamini peacefully show the arbitrary arrest of ArtUZ President Albert Masaraure, and comrades as enshrined under the section. He accused 15 other teachers of exercising their rights. Zimbabwe Constitution 59.

“We teachers are calling for unconditional release. Zimbabwe is a party to the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 21 provides for the right to peaceful assembly. At the regional level, Zimbabwe is a party to Africa in 1981. The Charter on Human Rights and People’s Rights and Article 11 provide for the right to peaceful assembly. Based on Article 58 of the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution. Everyone has the right to the freedom of assembly. “

The union reminded the Zimbabwean government that, under Article 59, everyone has the right to peacefully demonstrate and petition.

The Lesotho Teachers’ Union also mentioned with greatest concern in exercising its democratic right to openly protest, the arrest of members of teacher leaders and the harassment of teachers who are members of ARTUZ.

“On behalf of our members and broad education, we call on the Zimbabwean government to respect the democratic rights of the general public, especially teachers,” the union said.