Zimbabwe imposes Covid-19 vaccine on church attendees

Healthcare professionals remove from a vial of Covid-19 vaccine.

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On Tuesday, the Zimbabwean parliament banned anyone unvaccinated with Covid-19 from attending church worship, the latest in a series of steps to promote coronavirus jab uptake. bottom.

Southern African countries required vaccines for civil servants and teachers earlier this month.

Vaccination is also a prerequisite for trading in the market, exercising in the gym, frequent access to restaurants, and taking college exams.

“As for the church, the Cabinet has resolved that only vaccinated congregations can attend,” a statement released after the Cabinet meeting said.

Zimbabwe’s undersupply vaccine centers are struggling to keep up with the growing demand supported by jab-related restrictions.

The country has so far relied on vaccine doses produced in China, India and Russia, but recently approved the emergency use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Over 2.8 million of Zimbabwe’s 15 million inhabitants have been vaccinated for the first time to date.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 126,300 coronavirus infections and at least 4,543 deaths have been recorded in the country.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Zimbabwean High Court rejected an application by the Zimbabwean Trades Union Congress to challenge the forced vaccination of workers.

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Zimbabwe imposes Covid-19 vaccine on church attendees

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