Zimbabwe: Private school supports First Lady’s work with scholarships

In a first-of-its-kind gesture, a private high school in Mutoko has unveiled 10 scholarships to First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Angel of Hope Foundation to benefit underprivileged girls who are academically gifted.

The school also donated single-seat desks to Amai Mnangagwa for later distribution to a school of her choice.

Angel of Hope Foundation grantees will learn at the school which offers grades 1-6 in a development that is part of the mother of the nation’s zeal to empower girls through education and curb early marriages widely attributed to idleness. and lack of funds.

The Principal of Munashe Private High School, Mr. Edwin Tinofa Muronzi said his institution has helped reinforce the work done by the First Lady to alleviate the plight of vulnerable members of society.

“We have been touched by how the First Lady, our mother has helped the vulnerable, the elderly, the young, the suffering women from all walks of life. So we have realized that we cannot let her walk alone. We saw the need to reach out as a school. We are still a small school but we are growing and we can afford to maintain what we have given Amai. The school furniture that we have also donated to her, the First Lady can give it to anyone the school of her choice,” he said. Mr Muronzi added: “We will take the girls from the Angel of Hope Foundation no matter where from. they come, because the next term, we will have boarding schools. We’ll give them to Amai when they go to college. We hope to increase the number of desks we have donated over time.”

Mr Muronzi said he agreed with President Mnangagwa’s view that “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo (a country is built by its owners)”.

“We are the people, we have to join in singing and dancing with our mother. Some of us lost our mother and the mother of the nation is now our mother and we are here to support her so that she realizes her vision. We know the struggles and pain she goes through trying to meet the needs of all citizens and that is why we have come out and reached out so that she can bring comfort to many families. who need help in this country.

“We encourage the private sector to join hands and support such gestures. People of Amai’s caliber are rare, so we must support her left, right and center for the good of our nation,” he said. he declared.

The First Lady said she was touched by the gesture of the private school which will benefit children from disadvantaged backgrounds and offer them a chance to realize their dreams.