Zinga reveals why he quits music

Zinga So many eyeballs were raised after he revealed he was finishing music.

The star said this a few days ago without giving clear details as to why he resigned.

He now explained things that prompted his move and said it was Ricky Ricky’s death that brought a different perspective.

“It is obvious that the space is very unhealthy on such a level. The loss of my boyfriend gave me a completely different perspective. Life is so much more than we are subject to.

“Rick’s situation was really bad … After seeing him, I realized that the dream we want does not really matter. “Real life is more important, your mental health is more important.” she said.

Zinga He has been in the music industry for almost ten years and says that while he is still not sure what his next step is, he is looking forward to being able to live his life as he sees fit and try his hand at acting and other passions. .

“after that Cash time Where the narrative was that I fell, during the period when I was flying, what I enjoyed most was just the ability to be myself. I’m not sure yet what my next step will be. I know I’m very interested in getting into acting, it ‘s always been my passion… I’m just trying to live my life to the fullest. “

Zinga reveals why he quits music

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