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Zulu princess tells warring royals next king should come from Queen Mantfombi’s household

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Nongoma – A senior member of the Zulu royal family is heard in a reportedly leaked vocal note sent to the faction opposing Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, telling them to accept the reality that the late Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu is, according to Zulu culture, the rightful queen regent and the next Zulu king should come from her home.

Princess Nondumiso Zulu, daughter of Prince Vincent Zulu (former Ambassador), says Dlamini Zulu’s superior marital status was cemented when her lobola was paid for by the Zulu nation, making her an elder wife.

She said she remembered vividly that her own family contributed to the lobola sent to the royal house of Eswatini in the 1970s.

“We cannot do anything against this Ndaba. We have to accept that once a princess from another royal household gets married in your house, she takes over. We are the ones who accepted that. I personally remember that my family contributed to the 300 cows that were sent as loboles to Swaziland (Eswatini), ”she said in the note.

Audio: supplied

In the leaked audio recording, which emerged Tuesday morning and appears to have been recorded shortly after a meeting held a week after King Goodwill Zwelithini’s funeral, Princess Nondumiso of the Royal Household of Nkombabantu is heard saying that the other five wives of the late king could not produce the next king because their status was lower than that of Kwakhangelamankengane Palace where the late king lived with Dlamini Zulu.

“By the way, Ndaba (Your Royal Highness), the next king should come from the previous king’s house, so there is only one king’s house.” In this case, KwaKhangelamankengane (Khangela) is the home. In case the next king is not married, what should he have done since Ndaba? You know it would have been disastrous to appoint a brother of the (late) king to act because the (late) king knows how difficult it was when his father (the late Prince Mcwayizeni) acted and resisted when he had to leave the throne, ”said the princess.

This part implies that the message was addressed to Prince Mbonisi, according to pending court documents filed by Queen Sibongile Dlamini Zulu who wants half of the late king’s estate. Mbonisi’s name was raised for the acting post but it was rejected.

On Monday, at an impromptu press conference called by the ‘royal clique’ and led by Princess Thembi, Prince Mbonisi confirmed that his name had been raised for the acting post at a royal meeting on March 24, but the late queen had declared that she was leaving. to act on the throne herself.

In the outstanding voice note which is in Zulu, Princess Nondumiso said the late Queen was right to insist on acting as her house is to produce the next king and if the next king is not yet married she should maintain lights on until it is. ready.

Efforts to locate Princess Nondumiso have failed. The story will be updated when she comments.

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Zulu princess tells warring royals next king should come from Queen Mantfombi’s household

SourceZulu princess tells warring royals next king should come from Queen Mantfombi’s household

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